TRENDING TOPIC FOR MONDAY, AUGUST 7TH: The general election for Florida State Representative for District 116 is less than two months away. We leave you with an interview with Republican Candidate Daniel Perez.

DISTRICT 116 ELECTION: Yoly Cuello spoke with Daniel Perez, Republican Candidate for State Representative for District 116, about his candidacy and what he envisions for the district, on her show “Noticiero del Mediodia” on Caracol 1260AM.

Cuello began by asking Perez about his experience so far, since this is the first time he runs for office. Perez said, “yes, this is the first time that I am running for office, and I am running for District 116, which is the district that I grew up in and I have an immense pride for that community.” Regarding what issues the residents feel their community is facing, Perez said, “there are three problems: first, we want to keep property taxes as low as possible, and more specifically, for our senior citizens. We have to keep in mind that their retirement money is not going up, but their property taxes are. As the leaders of this community, we have to assure that we are going to keep taxes as low as possible especially for those who live on a fixed income. Another problem is of course traffic. We have a part of Doral in this district. Although they have already begun to alleviate the problem on the highways, we have to remember that the residential traffic is also bad. We need to have a system where if there is an accident on a street that we are able to help move traffic along by making the red light last a little longer or other methods to help alleviate accident-related traffic.” He continued, “the  third issue is education. I have an autistic brother and in our district we have a lot of programs that are geared towards those who have mental disabilities. We have a responsibility to be their voice in Tallahassee, and to assure that they have the proper training so that they can find a job, whether it be in a super market, or running simple errands in an office. With some training, they can have a simple job that will help them move forward and have complete lives.” Cuello commented that this is a special election and they typically have a low voter turnout, and that unfortunately, this hasn’t changed with this election. When asked how people can be incentivize to go out and vote, Perez responded, “in the primary election we had about 7,000 votes and we have over 156,000 people in our district. So what we are trying to do, is go door to door reaching out to voters and talking to the media, as well as getting mailers out there so that we can get in touch with our community. We have changed our strategy a little bit since the primary, but we are mainly focusing on reaching out to the community.” They reminded listeners that the election is on September 26th.


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