TRENDING TOPIC FOR THURSDAY, JUNE 1ST: Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement took over the media yesterday. We leave you with some Twitter reactions below.

CONGRESSMAN CURBELO ON THE ISSUES: Bernadette Pardo spoke with Congressman Carlos Curbelo on her show “Pedaleando con Bernie” on Radio Mambi 710 AM.

Curbelo explained some of the issues that have been going on in Washington, as well as the investigation on the connection between Trump’s campaign and Russia. “With the current controversies that we are facing, we just want to know the truth of what happened. That process will be headed by Mr. Mueller. I hope that nothing illegal has occurred and that we can close this chapter in an non-dramatic fashion. Now the issue of obstruction of justice is very serious and it has to be analyzed and examined. If nothing happened, and hopefully it didn’t, then we can close that chapter as well.” Curbelo continued, “many people want to condemn this administration, while others want to exonerate everyone. Neither side is right. The United States should know the facts and everything should be done with transparency and integrity. We just want to know the truth related to these issues.”


Doug Hanks‏ @doug_hanks  June 1
Miami-Dade mayor declines to endorse the US remaining in Paris climate accords; endorses fighting climate change

Tucker Carlson @TuckerCarlson  June 1
.@MayorLevine: We gave up leadership today with @realDonaldTrump‘s announcement#Tucker @FoxNews

Carlos Curbelo‏ @carloslcurbelo  June 1
Strongly disagree with today’s #parisclimateagreement decision. This will discourage American innovation & diminish American leadership

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen‏ @RosLehtinen  June 1
#SoFL is directly impacted by #sealevelrise + coastal flooding. We need long term strategy against #climatechange #ParisAccord

The Hill Talk‏ @TheHillTalk  June 1
UPDATE: Trump announces US pulling out of Paris climate agreement; Obama responds – http://ow.ly/Vcq730ceJYU 

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY UPDATE: Yoly Cuello spoke with Miami-Dade County Communications Director Michael Hernandez about current topics in the county on “Noticiero del Mediodia” on Caracol 1260AM.

Cuello started by mentioning that it was the start of hurricane season and Hernandez outlined the importance of being prepared. He said, “the most important thing is to be prepared. We almost had a hurricane hit us directly last year, and thankfully it didn’t. We haven’t had a major hurricane since 2005 I believe. Now, we have many new residents that have moved to the state and we must give them the necessary information and get them prepared. We have to also be prepared as a government and if any of the residents have any questions or concerns that they reach out to us at 311. There we can explain where they can get shelter if they need it or whether they live in an evacuation zone. We ask that the residents have three days worth of food and water, just in case they lose power in their homes.” Cuello mentioned that this weekend anything related to hurricane preparedness will be tax free and that people should go ahead and take advantage of it. Hernandez said, “people should absolutely take advantage of that, as well as check the map to see if they live in an evacuation zone. It is prudent to plan ahead and find out where shelters are and what they need to have beforehand” They also discussed the Beckham Stadium. Hernandez commented, “they need three more acres in order to build the stadium, and that land belongs to the county. Specifically to the Department of Water and Sewer. There have been two evaluations, the cost of the land is $9 million. We have had two meetings on this, one last year and one two weeks ago. We are going to have three more meetings, so that the residents can give us their opinion. We are having two meetings on Monday, and the mayor will be at tonight’s meeting. Commissioner Audrey Edmonson will be present at the meetings on Monday, June 5th.” He concluded, “there is a commission meeting on June 6th, where this is also going to be discussed. Commissioner Edmonson is presenting a proposal for sale and we will see what happens then. They would have to take the final step in purchasing the land, before they go to the City of Miami to work with that government for everything else.”