TRENDING TOPIC FOR WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19TH: Coverage of the protests against the government in Venezuela took over Spanish-language media yesterday. What was dubbed the “Mother of all Marches” turned violent when security forces clashed with peaceful protesters, we leave you with some reactions from Twitter below.

FLORIDA STATE BUDGET: Bernadette Pardo spoke with Florida State Representative Carlos Trujillo about the state budget, on her show “Pedaleando con Bernie” on Radio Mambi 710 AM.

Pardo began by mentioning that Trujillo was the chairman of the Appropriations Committee in the House of Representatives and asked about what she called “good news from Washington D.C.” regarding the $1 billion dollars for hospitals that treat people without insurance. Trujillo said, “the money will help a lot. It helps hospitals like Jackson with programs that had always been given to the states. During President Obama’s administration, they took that away as a form of punishment and Trump has reinstated it. Now, they are going to give us $1 billion dollars.” Pardo mentioned that the defunding had happened during the same time that Obamacare was passed, which would allocate $50 billion dollars over a period of time to expand Medicaid, but it didn’t happen. She asked if it wasn’t better for Floridians to have received those funds from the federal government in the first place. Trujillo responded, “those are two different conversations. Texas never accepted the Medicaid expansion, and Obama never cut those funds. For the state of Florida he tried to pressure us politically by taking almost $12 billion dollars, and the ones that ended up suffering were Jackson Hospital and some hospitals in Broward. Philosophically we aren’t inclined to raise taxes on people to give free insurance for people that can go work.”  Pardo asked if this increase was in part thanks to Governor Rick Scott’s support for Trump’s campaign.  Trujillo said, “Governor Scott has been helped after the Obama administration punished Jackson and Broward hospitals, which in turn was like punishing the poor over this issue. It isn’t right and we are glad that Trump rectified this.” Pardo talked about state budget and asked if the federal money they are receiving is going to cover that hole in the budget for schools and public security.  He commented, “we can’t use it for what we want, because it comes from the federal government for a specific purpose. We have to use the funds for what they are allocated. But we are putting in almost $500 million dollars in the general fund that can be used for anything, and now we have to decide how we are going to use the money. We have to wait to see what the letter says about how we are allowed to use the federal money that we receive.”


Mario Diaz-Balart‏ @MarioDB  April 19
Prayers for #VZ ppl after reports of violence+deaths during today’s #19A march. We must unite in demanding democracy+liberty in #VZ

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen‏ @RosLehtinen  April 19
Carlos Moreno died today at age 19 for protesting against the #Maduro regime. My prayers are with your family. We must end the violence!

TVVenezuela Noticias‏ @TVVnoticias  April 19
“We will continue to pressure Venezuela so that there may be a change” said @carloslcurbelo U.S. Congressman from Miami.

Miami Herald‏ @MiamiHerald  April 19
Venezuela opposition holds ‘mother of all marches’ as Maduro calls counter-protest http://ow.ly/Y1Ux30aZ5sr  Via @jimwyss

CBS4 Miami‏ @CBSMiami  April 19
Rally at #FreedomTower tonight meant to show support for #Venezuela protests. Latest info: http://cbsloc.al/2pCZwoe