TRENDING TOPIC FOR WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14TH: New Doral Mayor Juan Carlos “JC” Bermudez on his goals for the next four years. Also, next week we will be releasing our second annual “Que Pasa: Naughty or Nice” list. Stay tuned and find out who made the list!

DORAL HAS A NEW MAYOR: Bernadette Pardo spoke with City of Doral Mayor-elect Juan Carlos “JC” Bermudez about his victory in the elections and his plans for the future of the city on her show, “Pedaleando con Bernie” on Radio Mambi 710 AM.

Bermudez, who is also the founding Mayor of Doral, talked about his victory on Tuesday and what it meant for him. He said, “I think the residents of Doral sent a very clear message. What has been happening in the last few years isn’t representative of the ideals of our community. This is not just my opinion, I am including everyone who didn’t feel represented under the outgoing administration. We don’t feel that we have retained the values of the city that we incorporated back in 2003. We need to return to those values that made us a great city during the first nine and a half years.” Bermudez continued, “there was also a lack of transparency and ethics and that needs to be restored in our city. I believe the residents took note of that when they went to the polls and voted.” When asked about his plans for the first 100 days, Bermudez responded, “I think that one of the things that we need to do first is analyze the current situation. This morning I am going to go over the numbers and look at some documents on issues that have worried me and were part of the reason I decided to run again. We need to do a thorough analysis so we can have answers and an understanding of where we are. We also have to look at the budget that has grown exponentially and we need to know where we are spending our city’s funds. We must also look at all of the departments and focus on what we can do to be more efficient. We will show the community that the city is there for them and not vice versa.” Bermudez discussed some of the pressing issues in Doral including the crime rate, traffic and affordable housing, and emphasized the need to attract businesses that will provide jobs that aren’t in the service industry. “It in necessary for the cities to work together with the county to find solutions to some of our problems.” Pardo mentioned Mayor Luigi Boria had kind words for Mayor Bermudez when he conceded and asked him if any problems could arise from working with Boria’s staff. Bermudez said, “I appreciate everything that the mayor said about me and I don’t anticipate any issues. As former mayor he merits respect, but I do think that the campaign he ran was a dirty one and I don’t think they sent the right message. I am glad to say that despite the thousands of dollars spent on running negative ads, the residents came out to vote and showed that kind of campaign is unacceptable in Doral.”


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MAYOR REGALADO ON THE ISSUES: City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado discussed different topics with Roberto Rodriguez-Tejera, Juan Camilo Gomez and Ricardo Brown on “Contacto Directo” on Actualidad 1020/1040 AM.

Regalado initially focused on some problems some commissioners have had with the current city manager and their attempts to fire him. “We have clearly entered an election year where we know that at least one of the commissioners, Francis Suarez, has announced he is running for mayor and Frank Carollo, who will be termed-out, is also considering it. In reality, the City of Miami has never been better. We have a sustainable economy, we have great contracts with the police department and other civil workers and now we are finalizing a good contract with the firefighters.” When pressed on why they want to fire his city manager Regalado explained that he was just trying to show how the city has come a long way. “These two commissioners, Suarez and Carollo, are trying to create chaos. They need to do it for campaign reasons so they can claim to be the one who will save the city. I am sure that none of the candidates will say in their campaign that the city is doing great and that they will just continue what my administration has been doing.” Rodriguez-Tejera then brought up that many people are speculating that Mayor Regalado is saying this to prepare his daughter Raquel Regalado to run for the seat he is vacating. Regalado said, “when I first ran for mayor seven years ago, Raquel didn’t even consider running for the school board. I have never done anything for political gain. I have always acted correctly and have accomplished a lot working with the city commissioners. I have made tough decisions that were not always popular politically speaking. Saying that I have done anything to advance my daughters career is absurd and makes no sense. If you want to know if she is running you could bring her here and ask her, that is her decision.”

Rodriguez-Tejera concluded discussing the proposed mega mall and asked Mayor Regalado for his opinion. They agreed that the issue has not received enough media attention. For Regalado, “the jobs that will come with a mega mall are low-wage and most likely bring no benefits. That is the only positive thing they can claim, because it will bring traffic chaos as they don’t have the infrastructure in place nor do they have the funds to build it. They will find a way to make the taxpayers pay for it.” Brown agreed, “yes, that is called hidden corporate welfare.” Rodriguez-Tejera said he had talked to County Commissioner Esteban Bovo and State Senator Rene Garcia who both agreed they wouldn’t approve any public funding and referenced what happened in Miami with the Marlins stadium deal and the recalls that came after that. Regalado said, “unfortunately, few people are looking for the answers to the tough questions and politicians get away without having to answer them. The Marlins are not bad neighbors and the stadium is great, but nothing that was promised happened. We didn’t see the economic benefit they claim would come with it. There are still empty stores because there is no traffic of people in the area.”