TRENDING TOPIC FOR TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13TH: The LSN Communications team wants to congratulate Doral’s founding mayor Juan Carlos “JC” Bermudez and Claudia Mariaca on their election victories last night. Mayor Bermudez will return to office as Doral’s Mayor, while Ms. Mariaca will take over one of the open council seats in the Doral Council. Good luck to both of them!

COMMISSIONER DIAZ ON TRANSPORTATION: Juan Camilo Gomez and Maria Fernanda Silva spoke with Miami-Dade County Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz about transit and other issues, on their show “A Primera Hora” on Actualidad 1020/1040 AM.

Diaz highlighted how Miami-Dade has grown exponentially, which is one of the main reasons we are having issues with traffic. He said, “we have been working on improving our transit for a very long time. What we have seen is that a lot of people have moved into the areas of Doral and Kendall. These are areas where we can’t make the streets any wider than they are, we need to change the system to have mass transit and we need to find a way to take more people where they need to go without having them use their cars.” He continued, “this is something that is easy to say and difficult to do,. We were looking at the area where the Ludlam Trail is heading towards Kendall for the possibility of installing an electric train to run with traffic, but none of the residents wanted a train in the area.” When asked about the half cent and whether the it can be used to fund those projects, Diaz said, “initially the half-cent collected was more than enough to cover what we wanted to do, but what has happened is that the cities have been able to get trolleys and local systems, while we have to deal with the budget and transportation operations for the entire county. We have been talking about trains and we need to replace some of them. Apart from that, we have roads and areas that need to grow to handle the traffic flow. Residents want a train that goes from east to west that has never come into fruition. Since I first became commissioner, I have been trying to implement what was voted on, which was rapid transit.” The commissioner explained that one of his goals is to have people be able to park in an area and then take mass transit to where they need to go. Diaz concluded, “I would like for people to be able to park and then go directly to Downtown. That way they can use the Wi-Fi, use their phones, work, and do everything they can on a bus or train that would take them where they need to go.”


John Kennedy ‏@JKennedyReport  December 13
Fla’s new medical marijuana law gets first review by @FLSenate. Analysts, industry & law enforcement cite lots of issues to settle.

Alex Leary ‏@learyreports  December 13
.@FLGovScott after meeting with Tom Price, says he wants to be liaison for governors in push to repeal Obamacare.

Marc Caputo ‏@MarcACaputo  December 13
Marco Rubio expresses more concerns about Trump’s Secretary of State pick

Florida Politics ‏@Fla_Pol  December 13
.@realDonaldTrump looking at top @MarcoRubio backer as U.S. Trade Representative http://wp.me/p5cd4C-XxH  #FlaPol

Mary Ellen Klas ‏@MaryEllenKlas  December 13
Did I hear this right? @MyFLHouse rule: if Legis wants to give more $ to an agency than Gov requested, it needs approps bill #religuishpwr!