TRENDING TOPICS: This weekend’s editorials focus on the appointment of Scott Pruitt as the incoming administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency and the President’s call for an investigation into potential foreign intervention during our presidential election.

EL NUEVO HERALD: Nuevos asesores de Trump: prosperidad o hecatombe? / Trump’s new advisors: prosperity or hecatomb?

Journalist Sabina Covo discusses the appointment of Arizona’s Attorney General Scott Pruitt to President-elect Trump’s cabinet and its potential impact on future policies related to climate change. According to Covo, “one of the issues of greatest concern at the state, federal and global levels is climate change. Regardless of ideological, religious, or political theories, the problem exists and has been scientifically proven. Yet some leaders challenge science and cling to religion or random weather patterns to deny (and probably keep getting donations from businesses with interests) an incident that can affect the future of our children, grandchildren and so on. The president-elect of the United States has not been clear on what his policy will be, and what he will do remains to be seen. Beyond ideology, I repeat, it is responsibility what is asked of those who rule.”

You can read Covo’s Op-Ed published on December, 11, 2016 by clicking here: El Nuevo Herald

DIARIO LAS AMERICAS: En duda resultado electoral de EEUU  / Election results in the US in doubt

Diario las Américas editorializes about the information that has been made public this week about possible foreign interference in the presidential election and President Obama’s decision to order an investigation into this matter. According to Diario, “in his last days as president, Obama embarks on one of the most important actions of his presidency, and it is precisely to watch over the calm of his country and show the kind face of the government of  United States. Betting on transparency and showing the world that it is a fundamental requirement in policy matters, this approach to serious issues has been one of the pillars of his mandate and perhaps one of the many reasons why he will be remembered.”

You can read Diario’s Editorial published on December 10, 2016 by clicking here: Diario las Américas