TRENDING TOPICS: The Nobel Peace prize awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos for his work on brokering a peace deal with Colombia’s Marxist guerrillas, FARC in this weekend’s editorials.

EL NUEVO HERALD: El nobel para el impulsor del Sí / The Noble prize for the champion of vote Yes

Argentinean opinion writer Carlos Duguech writes about the Nobel Peace prize award to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. According to Duguech, “the plebiscite held on October 2 served to show only one “winner,” which was neither the “Yes” nor the “No” campaigns. Rather, it was the large number of people who did not cast their vote. Which materialized at the time when nearly 33 million Colombians had on hand a unique and long-awaited opportunity. The display on the sideline of the necessary peace and not on the battlefield of a war more than half a century old that has left so many victims in the homeland of García Márquez.”

You can read Duguechl’s OpEd published on October 7, 2016 by clicking here: El Nuevo Herald

DIARIO LAS AMERICAS: Enhorabuena / Congratulations

Diario las America’s editorial this weekend also focuses on the Nobel Peace prize awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Diario praises Santos for his efforts to negotiate a peace deal with the FARC guerrillas. According to Diario, “… it is also an opportunity to neutralize the poison darts of former President Alvaro Uribe Velez, the main opposition pact signed with the FARC. A determined approach between Santos and Uribe, former political allies, would make a great benefit for peace in the country. Santos has everything to gain, but it is up to him to make peace palatable to a nation weary of politicians who have made national reconciliation a political workhorse.”

You can read Diario’s editorial published on October 7, 2016 by clicking here: Diario las Américas