TRENDING TOPIC FOR TUESDAY, JUNE 28TH: County Commissioner Rebeca Sosa is offering an innovative solution to alleviate congestion in parts of Miami-Dade County. We leave you with her proposal below.

COMMISSIONER SOSA ON HER TRANSIT PROPOSAL: Miami-Dade County Commissioner Rebeca Sosa discussed her proposal to alleviate traffic in her district, with Jose Alfonso Almora on his show “A esta hora con Almora” on WQBA 1140 AM.

Almora and Sosa initially focused on the Commissioner’s proposal of “opening traffic through 82nd Avenue to alleviate congestion on 87th Avenue. Sosa stated, “I want to thank you for giving us this information and going with us to the site. I specially want to thank the Director of the Transportation Department in Miami-Dade, Alice Bravo, who is doing a magnificent job. My approach was to communicate with the neighbors. As elected officials, if we don’t listen to our community then we are making the biggest mistake. I was surprised to find that many locals had the same suggestion of opening 82nd Avenue under State Road 836, and combining it with opening NW 7th Street and the Palmetto. The reasoning behind this suggestion is that it would eliminate traffic because it provides alternate routes and it creates connectivity for us to go in and out of the area. After gathering the neighbors input, I looked for the experts’ opinion in the Department of Transportation. They agreed and considered this idea the best possible solution for this area.” Sosa explained, “for people that can’t pay the tolls, they can use this as an alternate route, and it will eliminate traffic congestion.” The commissioner said they also found out that this connection can help businesses in the area, and how it would essentially bring more people and consumers to their places of business. She also mentioned they are currently looking into where to find the funds to do this project. Sosa concluded, “there is a need for the kind of progress that will elevate the quality of life of our residents, instead of making it more complicated.”


Patricia Mazzei ‏@PatriciaMazzei  June 28
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THE RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE: Yoly Cuello spoke with Director of Communications for the Republican Party of Florida Wadi Gaitan about recent polls on the presidential race, on “Noticiero del Mediodia” on Caracol 1260 AM.

Gaitan explained that Hillary Clinton’s boost in the polls was expected. “Something that we see happen every four years in presidential elections is that when the candidate wins the nomination for their party, they get a boost in the polls. We saw this when Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz and John Kasich and won the  Republican Party’s nomination, and we know that in the last two weeks Hillary Clinton won the nomination for the Democratic Party. However, there is still a lot of time until the election, and there are many questions voters have for each candidate, so I wouldn’t focus too much on the polls during this time.” Gaitan continued, “we are also waiting for the conventions, where both candidates will separately have time to talk about their policies and explain what their vision for the country is.” When asked what he expected Trump’s tone will be towards ISIS and other terrorist groups, Gaitan mentioned some of Trump’s positions and said, “He is going to come out with more details on his plans. Many people still have a lot of questions on how we are going to identify and characterize what ‘terrorist states’ are, and how he would implement his plan at the executive level should he win the presidency. Like I said before, there is still a lot of time before the election in November.”