TRENDING TOPIC FOR THURSDAY, JUNE 16TH: Happy Friday to everyone and happy Father’s Day to all Dads! We leave you with a different perspective on  Senator Marco Rubio’s potential run for re-election.

THE RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE: Yoly Cuello spoke with Republican Strategist Alfonso Aguilar about the presidential race on her show “Noticias del Mediodia” on Caracol 1260AM.

Cuello focused on how recent polls indicate that Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump, and on the candidate’s comments regarding the tragedy in Orlando. Aguilar said, “Trump is having trouble transitioning between the primaries and the general election. In the primaries, all of this kind of exaggerated comments helped him with the most conservative base. But now he has to create a bigger coalition and move more towards the center. He is not doing it. He is not acting presidential. It is the same Trump saying offensive things, including his comments on the Orlando attack.” He continued, “he had started to open the channels of communication with Republican leaders and getting their support. After some recent comments, the Republican leadership is beginning to distance themselves from Trump once again. This is a crucial moment, if he doesn’t change the dynamic, he will continue to give Hillary Clinton the advantage. The latest polls have indicated that she is taking points away from him. If this continues, Clinton can get significant momentum and prevail in November.” Aguilar concluded, “a lot of people are frustrated to the point that they would consider voting for Donald Trump anyway. It is very hard to anticipate what is going to happen, since many in the GOP are not with him. He won the nomination because he got the votes of the opposition, not because the core of the party supported him.”

WILL MARCO RUBIO RUN?: Roberto Rodriguez-Tejera and Ricardo Browndiscussed the possibility of Senator Marco Rubio running for re-election with Democratic Pollster Fernand Amandi, on “Roberto y Ricardo” on Actualidad 1040 AM.

Amandi focused on the likelihood of Senator Rubio being re-elected. “I think that if Marco decides to run he will be the favorite within his own Republican primary. However, two of the main Republican candidates in this race, Todd Wilcox and Carlos Beruff, have said that if Marco enters the race they will still run for his seat, as he doesn’t represent Florida anymore.” Amandi said, “I think that the last time there was a test of Ruibio’s strength within the Republican Party in Florida onMarch 15th of this year, he lost 66 of the 67 counties in the state. If he wants to continue his political career and run for the presidency again, he must consider that he will be done if he loses a seat for the Republicans again.” Rodriguez-Tejera pointed out that many of the same groups that supported Rubio also support Beruff, and how Rubio was at a serious disadvantage against Wilcox, who had a lot of power in central and north Florida. Amandi explained that his analysis is not based on any polls, and that he rather give an analysis based on the numbers. “In all honesty, I haven’t seen any polls  on this primary, and I imagine that the people that work with Marco Rubio are looking at how he would fair in a Republican primary.” Amandi continued, “I think that the other part is that many democrats would like to see Rubio lose. What has also been interesting to me is the amount of backlash he has gotten from Republicans. Many people have told me that the only people interested in Marco Rubio, is Marco Rubio. For many, Rubio betrayed people because of his political ambitions, and wasn’t able to make any allies or get loyalty from individuals outside of those that worked for him.”