TRENDING TOPIC FOR THURSDAY, JUNE 2ND: Happy Friday! Copa América kicks off today and we hope our readers take some time over the weekend to watch some games. Tonight, Team USA faces Colombia.

PROPERTY VALUES IN MIAMI-DADE: Bernadette Pardo spoke with Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser Pedro J. Garcia about the recent rise in property values, on her show “Pedaleando con Bernie” on Radio Mambi 710 AM.

Garcia discussed the almost nine percent increase in property value in Miami-Dade County and the benefits this brings to the community (read more here). Garcia said, “the average growth in Miami-Dade was 8.6 percent.” Garcia clarified that in North Miami Beach, which was one of the areas where there was the highest rise of property at around 16.5 percent, “it was mostly due to the new construction. We see the most growth in the areas where there has been a lot more construction, which is why they have a higher percentage. This included areas such as the City of Miami, Sunny Isles, and North Miami Beach.” He continued, “this year we have had more than $5 billion dollars invested in construction.” When asked if the rise of property values meant there will also be a rise in property taxes, Garcia explained, “if there is an increase, the increase for residents won’t be too much. There are 450,000 properties that are under the Homestead Exemption, and those properties in accordance to the law will only have a 0.7 percent increase. It wouldn’t even make it to one percent.” He said the construction boom will continue fueling the growth and how “a lot of people are investing here.” Garcia concluded, “the process of recovering in the county has been remarkable. It is incredible that in five years we were able to get back to this level, when it was predicted that it would take up to ten years for Miami-Dade to recover.”


Miami Herald ‏@MiamiHerald  June 2
Lots of talk but little excitement at GOP forum to replace @marcorubiohttp://hrld.us/25AcLSQ 

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Obama to Raise Money for Patrick Murphy in Florida http://bit.ly/1Zgm9qZ 

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.@carlosberuff bails on tonight’s #FLSEN forum, first one in which all R candidates would have been together

Patricia Mazzei ‏@PatriciaMazzei  June 2
Guess whose name wasn’t mentioned once at forum of GOP candidates looking to replace @marcorubio?

Deirdre Walsh ‏@deirdrewalshcnn  June 2
Mitch McConnell on Rubio “I hope he’ll be drafted” to run for re-election to Florida Senate seat @TheLeadCNN

COPA AMERICA CENTENARIO KICKOFF – Tonight, Copa América kicks off in the West Coast when Colombia faces the Team USA. Can’t watch the game? Don’t worry, we got you covered! As part of our community service, we will keep you up to date over the coming weeks on the Copa America games, results and our humble predictions.