TRENDING TOPIC FOR TUESDAY, MAY 24TH: The Superbowl is coming back to Miami-Dade in 2020! What could be better? Only that the Champions League finals would be played here as well. We leave you with some Twitter reactions from our elected officials.

WATER & SEWER DEPARTMENT: Roberto Rodriguez-Tejera and Juan Camilo Gomez spoke with Director of the Water and Sewer Department Lester Sola, on their show “Contacto Directo” on Actualidad 1020 AM.

Sola highlighted the importance of investing in Miami-Dade’s Water and Sewer system and the renovations to the county’s system. “Renovations will take place over the next 10 to 15 years. We have already started working on the plans and are focusing on the older piping to protect the water and treat it effectively.” When asked about the effects of high salinity levels in our water, Sola explained that “although it can have an impact on the wells that are southeast of the county, the department has wells all over the Miami-Dade that can be used to make sure we are providing high quality water. We have more than enough wells, so if we find a problem in one of the wells, we have the option of using the other ones until the issue gets resolved.” He continued, “we recognize the importance of keeping the water’s balance, so that people are able to drink clean water.” Sola concluded, “I think it is important for the entire community to follow this topic. We must work to preserve our water, as it has an impact on everyone’s lives. Specially, in terms of the energy and electricity we consume, and being confident that we have the highest quality drinking water in our community.”

Marco Rubio ‏@marcorubio  May 24
Super news: Super Bowl returning to Miami in 2020Rep. Carlos Curbelo ‏@RepCurbelo  May 24
South FL will be home to #SuperBowl 54 in 2020. This time the @MiamiDolphins will be playing for the ring! #finsup http://wsvn.com/news/local/nfl-announces-miami-will-be-home-of-super-bowl-in-2020/ …

Carlos A. Gimenez ‏@MayorGimenez  May 24
Statement from Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez on South Florida being awarded Super Bowl LIV in 2020 http://ow.ly/jymr300xN9C 

Rebeca Sosa ‏@RebecaSosaMiami  May 24
Great news! No better place in the country to host #SuperBowl2020 than#MiamiDade!

Diaz de la Portilla ‏@FLSenator_MDLP  May 24
Thank you, @NFL for choosing #SouthFlorida as “Home of the @SuperBowl ” in 2020. #SB54

Carlos Lopez-Cantera ‏@LopezCantera  May 24
Awesome news! Florida is open for business. #SB54 #SBSelection

Miami-Dade Police ‏@MiamiDadePD  May 24
We are cheering for the news of #SB54 coming to South Florida!! #SuperBowl @nfl @MiamiDolphins

TRENDING TOPIC FOR MONDAY, MAY 23RD: The tragic stories of those leaving Cuba every week continue to make headlines in South Florida. We leave you with an update on the latest group of refugees making it to Florida.

FROM CUBA TO THE U.S.: Congressman Carlos Curbelo talked about Cuban immigration  with Bernadette Pardo, on her show “Pedaleando con Bernie” onRadio Mambi 710AM.

They started the conversation discussing the 19 Cubans who were stranded in a lighthouse near Key West after swimming there when their raft was intercepted by the Coast Guard (read more here). Curbelo explained that now, US Customs will determine whether they can stay in the United States or if they will be returned to Cuba, depending on the application of the wet-foot, dry-foot immigration policy. “We have talked with the Coast Guard, and it seems that these individuals were intercepted at sea. There is precedent with a case that is somewhat similar, where a court found that a group of Cubans who made it to a bridge had the right to stay in the United States. However, in this case this is not a bridge and the structure is not connected to land. So the facts must be reviewed, and the Coast Guard will decide how they are going to handle this situation.” When asked if this issues would go to court, Curbelo said, “if they are allowed to stay in the US no, but if they are sent back to Cuba, this can potentially go to court. There are already attorneys that are thinking about fighting this decision.” For Curbelo, “it is evident that we are still seeing a massive exodus of Cubans from the island. We haven’t had so many Cubans leaving the island at the same time since 1994.” He continued, “it is all a result of the new US-Cuba policy.” Curbelo then focused on his proposal to modify the Cuban Adjustment Act. “We were able to get more than 50 bi-partisan co-sponsors for this bill. Our goal is not to rewrite the entire Cuban Adjustment Act, just to reform the sections dealing with the programs of assistance. Now, any Cuban that comes to the United States is automatically listed as a political refugee and they are eligible to receive many welfare benefits that can go as high as $1,500 per month. What we propose to do is reform the policy so we can limit the abuses and continue to offer these benefits to those who really need them.”

MIAMI UPDATE: Humberto Cortina spoke with City of Miami Commissioner Wilfredo “Willy” Gort on “Al ritmo de Miami” on Radio Mambi 710 AM.

Gort focused on all the changes in the City of Miami over the past 20 years, and some of the challenges facing the city today. “The city has faced a lot of issues, and we were able to survive all of them. I was here to see the massive waves of immigrants that have come to Miami over the years. In part, they are the ones who helped this city grow. They come to Miami, invest here and work to get the American Dream.” Cortina then addressed gun violence in Miami. Gort said, “one of the biggest problems we have is that some refuse to speak to the police, and in order to accuse someone there needs to be witnesses. Another problem is gangs that are dealing drugs, which make everything worse. Our police has implemented two new systems to help combat this type of crimes. We are also focusing on educating the youth and the affected communities. Highlighting the importance of keeping the city clean and creating more education programs.”

GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY: Bernadette Pardo also had Miami-Dade County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava discussing her proposals to bring transparency to the County, on her show “Pedaleando con Bernie” on Radio Mambi 710AM.

Levine Cava discussed a new system she proposed to keep track of funds received by Political Action Committees, also known as PACs. She said, “what happens is that many politicians use extra funds not related to the campaign. It gets hard to understand who is actually paying for the campaign using this method.” Pardo mentioned another resolution by Levine Cava asking that elected officials report to the county if a conflict of interest exists in selecting a vendor. “We had been doing this, but it wasn’t officially part of our law. It was only the opinion of the Ethics Commission.” The commissioner concluded, “we are talking about being more transparent, so that the public can know where the money is coming from and decide if this shapes their idea of the candidate. We are talking about things that matter. We want to stop abuses to the system and to inform the public. We are striving for more transparency and gaining our residents’ confidence in the process.”