TRENDING TOPICS THIS WEEKEND: This weekend’s Diaro las Americas editorial focuses on Mother’s Day inside repressive regimes, while Pedro Caviede’s column for El Nuevo Herald discusses the strategies employed by Donald Trump to remain at the top of the Republican field during this year’s primaries.

EL NUEVO HERALD: Racismo e ignorancia / Racism and ignorance

Colombian writer Pedro Caviedes writes about the issues that Donald Trump has taken advantage of during his presidential campaign, racism and ignorance. According to Caviedes, “this madness is also born out of people like Trump who have exploited something equally dangerous: ignorance. In a world where we have 250 channels on a basic cable package, added to Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and others, in which a woman named Kim Kardashian, who nobody really knows what it is she does, reigns, and in which a topic of discussion during the debates of one of the two major parties is the size of the candidate’s hand as a reference to something else, any conceited idiot with his hair arranged so that you will not see his bald spot, invoking the menstrual period of a journalist to dodge a question that bothers him, can be the nominee.”

You can read Caviede’s column published on May 7, 2016 by clicking here: El Nuevo Herald

DIARIO LAS AMERICAS: Madre, mágica palabra / Mother, a magical word

Diario las Americas editorial provides a reflection on Mother’s Day from the perspective of those mothers whose sons and daughters are political prisoners in places like Cuba and Venezuela. According to Diario, “it is sad and it is unthinkable that this happens, but the reality is that in Cuba or Venezuela, to name just two examples, there will be many mothers who will not have the opportunity to cherish their children, talk to them or just watch them with pride, as only they know how. Mothers and the unconditional love they profess are sufficient reasons for the union of all families to become a reality.”

You can read Diario las Américas’ editorial for May 7, 2016 by clicking here: Diario las Américas