TRENDING TOPIC FOR WEDNESDAY, MAY 4TH: And there was only Trump. For all intents and purposes, the GOP has a nominee after Gov. John Kasich announced the suspension of his campaign yesterday. For Donald Trump, the task of unifying the party starts today. We leave you with some analysis below.

MORE ON LEGALIZATION OF UBER & LYFT: Miami-Dade County CommissionerXavier Suarez talked about ride-sharing companies now operating legally in the county with Yoly Cuello on Caracol 1260 AM.

Commissioner Suarez praised Commissioner Bovo for his hard work and proposal. “This has been in the works for two years. Commissioner Bovo and his staff have done a great job.” He explained that before the vote on Tuesday “there were seven or eight amendments that were approved and two that were taken out. One of the ones that was rejected had to do with having Uber and Lyft drivers get fingerprinted. This was something that was not going to be accepted. Their reasoning was that the companies’ background checks are much more comprehensive and are conducted using a powerful computer system.” He continued, “we approved the ordinances nine to two. I have always been in favor of everything that has to do with mass transit, taxis, jitneys, mini-buses. The county has a mass transportation system that is becoming more efficient, and we need to complement it with the private sector, with more mini-buses for example.” Commissioner Suarez spoke about the proposal he presented to help taxi drivers that Chairman Monestime and Commissioner Sosa supported. “We are moving forward allowing Uber and Lyft to operate legally and helping taxi drivers reap the benefits of their hard work. I am very satisfied with what we accomplished on Tuesday.”


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Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush make cameos in Hillary Clinton video against Donald Trumphttp://hrld.us/1ZekEJy 

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John Kasich exits race, making Donald Trump presumptive GOP nominee: From the Associated Press: INDIANAPOLIS … http://bit.ly/1W7Xfev 

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.@marcorubio as @realDonaldTrump‘s veep? Some can dream.

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Can Trump win FL? @steveschale asks. Yes, he answers. Talk to Gov. Rick Scott.http://bit.ly/1QSfRr5 

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.@CarlosBeruff calls on Republicans to unite behind @RealDonaldTrumphttp://wp.me/pShRp-15eh  #FlaPol

CAN’T UNDERESTIMATE TRUMP: Yoly Cuello also discussed the presidential race with Republican Strategist Alfonso Aguilar on her show “Noticias del Mediodia” on Caracol 1260AM.

Aguilar highlighted how unpredictable this election cycle has been. “I was one of the first people who said Donald Trump was never going to be the Republican candidate, and I had to eat my words. It was something unexpected and it has changed a lot of political analysis. Now we can’t make the mistake of underestimating him during the general election. The thought process is that Hillary Clinton is expected to win the general election, but I wouldn’t be so sure. This man is creating a coalition that is unprecedented. It exceeds the partisan differences, and could bring in independent voters, working class and democrats that are frustrated with the economy. Now I can say that I think Donald Trump could make it to the White House.” Aguilar explained that as a conservative he could not support or vote for Trump, but that at this point he could not find a reason to get out of bed on Election Day. Cuello mentioned that based on a poll, people who didn’t vote for him in the primaries were still not going to vote for him during the general election, indicating that he did not have the consensus of the party.  Aguilar commented, “the good thing about this ending now, is that there are two months left until the convention for him to start this process of reunification. He can’t make this change overnight. I think he’s going to try to unite the party.” Aguilar continued, “it is curious that they used soundbites from a speech where Trump was speaking highly of Ted Cruz when he accepted his victory in Indiana, while earlier in the day he was accusing Cruz’s father of helping Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (read more here). Hours later, he was praising him, saying he was a good competitor. It is something that is incredibly surreal.” Regarding the possibility of a coalition of Republicans for Hillary, Aguilar said, “I have heard that rumor, but for me, as a conservative, that would be unacceptable. She is a person that did a lot of damage as the Secretary of State, specially with the events in Benghazi. She had the private email and has not been transparent. The only alternative I see is to vote for other seats, but not for president. The other thing that can happen is that we have someone run as an independent.” He concluded on how Trump winning would negatively affect Republicans in Congress, and Democrats could take back control.

#NeverRealMadrid: Once again, the teams representing the Premier League could not make it to the Champions League finals. This time it was Manchester City’s turn. The final is set and it will be a derby with Atlético de Madrid facing their arch-rivals Real Madrid. We don’t have to tell you who we will be rooting for.