TRENDING TOPICS THIS WEEKEND: This weekend’s Diaro las Americas editorial focuses on the classified materials related to Saudi Arabia and the 9/11 attacks, while Bernadette Pardo’s column for El Nuevo Herald focuses on the contamination of Biscayne Bay by FPL’s Turkey Point nuclear plant.

EL NUEVO HERALD: FPL a la defensiva / FPL on the defensive

Bernadette Pardo writes about the problems facing FPL due to the contamination of its cooling canals near Turkey Point nuclear plant in South Miami-Dade County. According to Pardo, “the truth is that some South Florida lawmakers have decided to take action on the matter. Kendall State Senator Anitere Flores called a special meeting to address the issue of pollution and salinization on Friday. Flores thinks that perhaps it is time for the state legislature ‘to carry out the level of scrutiny that is expected from the state; it is a topic that the state’s environmental protection agency should have been well aware of.’” Pardo cited other elected officials who have discussed this issue and what FPL should be doing to fix the problem. She concluded on FPL’s investment of 660,000 dollars to promote the development of clean energy with solar panels in partnership with Florida International University, and how it is “the best response to the legitimate concerns of those who live near the Turkey Point nuclear plant.”

You can read Pardo’s column published on April 30, 2016 by clicking here: El Nuevo Herald

DIARIO LAS AMERICAS: La verdad sobre el 9/11 se impone / The truth about 9/11 needs to come out

Diario las Americas editorializes about the need for President Barack Obama to declassify information related to Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks. According to Diario, “while most experts with different political views say there is no excuse to not reveal the confidential information, the truth is that, if they did, the Obama administration would be involved in a scandal of great magnitude that could jeopardize our economy, especially if Saudi Arabia fulfills its promise to sell up to 750,000 million dollars in Treasury bonds and other US assets, according to an investigation by the New York Times.”

You can read Diario las Américas’ editorial for April 30, 2016 by clicking here: Diario las Américas