TRENDING TOPIC FOR MONDAY, APRIL 25TH: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island are holding primaries today. Based on recent polls, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are expected to build on momentum from their New York victories and win tonight. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens as the candidates get closer to the nomination.

PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES: Yoly Cuello spoke with Political Analyst Carlos Rajoabout the latest news relating to the presidential candidates, on her show “Noticias del Mediodia” on Caracol 1260AM.

Rajo initially focused on the alliance between Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich against Donald Trump (read more here). “Many people in the Republican Party, specifically those who are part of the establishment, have been wanting this alliance. It is part of the anti-Trump movement, and they see it as the only alternative so they can beat Trump. The only criticism I have heard is that it might be a little late, but in general it is not surprising. However, the anti-Trump movement has deflated a bit since last week’s primary in New York, where Trump won by a large margin. After the RNC spring meeting in Florida last week, we will see if this alliance will work, or if it is too late.” Cuello expanded on the meeting last week, where “Republicans decided they are not going to modify the rules for the Republican National Convention as an attempt to block Trump from getting the nomination.” Rajo stated, “I have to clarify that the alliance between Cruz and Kasich isn’t changing anything, it is simply both men joining forces to try to stop Trump from getting the 1,237 delegates to get the Republican nomination. At this point, Kasich doesn’t have much money left to continue campaigning. It is symbolic, it is meant to bring the public’s attention to the anti-Trump movement.” Cuello asked Rajo what would happen if Trump gets the nomination, “without a doubt he is not good for the Republican Party, and againstHillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders he would lose.” Rajo also commented on the Democratic race, “regarding the democrats, I believe the race should have already been over. Senator Bernie Sanders should have already thrown in the towel. While Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the passion or enthusiasm that Bernie Sanders’ campaign has, people are voting for Hillary because they feel she is efficient and no one else has her experience.”


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MIAMI CONDO CONTROVERSY: Bernadette Pardo discussed the ongoing corruption in condominium associations in Miami-Dade with former state representative Julio Robaina on “Pedaleando con Bernie” on Radio Mambi 710AM.

Robaina praised Univision Reporter Erika Carrillo for bringing so much attention to this important matter. “We are happy someone from the press has done an excellent job in bringing this issue to light. It is something that we have been talking about for years.” He continued, “she was able to give us a simplified version of what has been happening for so many years, now people can bring up charges and start dismantling the corruption and fraud in this community. We have seen that local politicians are taking steps that others have not taken before, including Commissioner Bruno Barreiro and the mayor.” When asked why it took so long for this issue to be known, Robaina said, “there are 17 million people that live in condos in Florida and there are many other kinds of associations in Florida. We have home owners associations, time shares, co-opts, and Florida is number one when it comes to having an association linked to the community. This is not only and issues with condominiums, it is happening everywhere. I think the State’s legislators are partly at fault because they have not done enough to implement and strengthen existing laws.” Robaina also focused on the State Attorney’s office, “who said that there aren’t enough funds to pursue these claims.” They discussed the level of fraud and how it has taken millions of dollars from condominium owners. Robaina concluded, “when I was in office, I tried to establish a task force within the police department that would specifically investigate these crimes, but it was shut down. We are going to try to do this again, and we have the support of Commissioner Barreiro for a county-level task force.”