TRENDING TOPICS THIS WEEKEND: This weekend’s Diaro las Americas editorial discusses the accusations made by Colombia’s Attorney General against the country’s president, while Andrés Oppenheimer’s column for El Nuevo Herald focuses on Donald Trump’s continuous attacks on Mexico.

EL NUEVO HERALD: La ira de Trump con México / Trump’s anger with Mexico

Andrés Oppenheimer analyzes how Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues to receive good results from attacking and blaming Mexico. Oppenheimer believes that part of the reason why Trump continues to attack Mexico is directly linked to a failed real state project he had back in 2009. Furthermore, Oppenheimer states that, “almost all of Trump’s arguments against Mexico are based on half-truths or lies. Trump says the United States is invaded by a flood of undocumented Mexicans. However, the amount of undocumented Mexicans coming to the United States has declined substantially since 2008.”

You can read Oppenheimer’s column published on April 23, 2016 by clicking here: El Nuevo Herald

DIARIO LAS AMERICAS: Las denuncias de un presidenciable / The complaints of a potential presidential candidate

Diario las Americas editorializes about the complaints made by Alejandro Ordoñez, Colombia’s Attorney General and potential presidential candidate, about the resurgence of the FARC guerrillas due to the ongoing peace negotiations with the government of President Santos. According to Diario, “Ordóñez hits the bulls eye by pointing to the FARC, not as a peaceful group, but rather as the second most powerful terrorist group in the world, surpassed only by ISIS. This official statement causes concerns, but at the same time, it must be taken seriously.”

You can read Diario las Américas’ editorial for April 23, 2016 by clicking here: Diario las Américas