TRENDING TOPIC FOR TUESDAY, APRIL 12TH: The announcement made by former Doral Mayor Juan Carlos “JC” Bermudez that he will seek his old seat in the November elections. He is challenging current Mayor Luigi Boria. We leave you with Bermudez’s interview with Yoly Cuello on Radio Caracol.

COMMISSIONER SUAREZ ON THE ISSUES: City of Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez was on “Al ritmo de Miami” on Radio Mambi 710AM, discussing Miami matters with Humberto Cortina.

Commissioner Suarez initially focused on several proposals he has worked on to help reduce violence in the city. “We need to come up with concrete ideas. One of the projects I introduced was implementing a new technology called ShotSpotter. It allows the Miami Police Department to directly know when a gunshot has been fired within seconds, rather than having to wait for a police call, and helps them get up to five feet from where the incident occurs. Since we implemented this technology last year, homicides have gone down in Miami. There was an eight percent drop from one year to the next. We need to utilize this technology and we should modernize other aspects as well.” Suarez mentioned a proposal he has to purchase a new helicopter for the Miami Police, since the current one can barely be used because of its age. He explained it would also help them to continue battling crime in Miami, by providing an eye in the sky when violent events occur. Regarding traffic in Miami, Suarez talked about his work with the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). He said, “the first thing I did was try to completely reform and restructure the agency, mainly because I felt that it was not doing what it was created to do. I proposed making mass transit the highest priority. After, they named me president of the committee charged with restructuring the MPO, where I presented my ideas to change it from within to better help our citizens.”

Another subject Commissioner Suarez discussed was the proposed soccer stadium. He stated that “Beckham’s group bought the private land and it has been transferred over to them. They still have to go to the county for the transfer of the other land. Once they have everything together, they need to come to Miami and figure out how the project is going to affect traffic, and if certain streets need to be connected, among other things.” Suarez highlighted the possible impact on residents, and how they still need to analyze those aspects. He concluded by discussing the renovations to Calle Ocho. Suarez said, “I think the plan is great. I have been working with the commissioners and the mayor on this project.” He continued, “I have also worked with the company conducting the study to see if we can change the direction of a few streets to allow having two streets. This will open up a lane for the trolley, as well as a bike lane and a wider sidewalk.”


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Today is #EqualPayDay, here are some of Commissioner Sosa’s initiatives addressing the issue http://www.miamidade.gov/district06/releases/2015-11-18-equal-pay-for-equal-work.asp …

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NEW CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR OF DORAL: Yoly Cuello spoke with former Mayor of Doral Juan Carlos “J.C.” Bermudez about his announcement that he is running for mayor of Doral on her show “Noticias del Mediodia” on Caracol 1260AM.

Bermudez highlighted his reasons for wanting to become Mayor again. “All three of my daughters grew up here and in the last three years, I have have had residents ask me to run again. I have been respectful and supported the city by not going to meetings. However, after living with my family in the city for 20 years, we agree with the residents’ discontent in Doral.” When asked what is the biggest problem that has affected the city, Bermudez said, “the most serious problem continues to be traffic. This is a regional issue. To come up with a solution that will help alleviate traffic, we need to include the leadership, the community, and the state. I have said it before, the most difficult part of trying to fix this problem is that we won’t see the results of what we are doing for another five to ten years. It is not immediate. We need to have leadership that will make difficult decisions.” Bermudez mentioned that “Doral was the first city to have a trolley system, which recently added two new vehicles. But what I think needs immediate attention and solid leadership is being able to get the message to Tallahassee about how west Miami-Dade has a huge problem with traffic.” Bermudez also discussed how recently, new developments in Doral have not been carried out responsibly, while focused on the importance of “responsible growth. When establishing the city, we had five meetings with the residents of Doral so we could explain to them the master plan and allow them to participate and provide input on what they thought was best.” Bermudez also highlighted, “local government is what impacts everyone’s every day life. Specially when it comes to traffic, parks and the quality of life. I know that right now everyone is talking about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but residents must know the importance of local government. Many have been waiting three and a half years for a park that was approved years ago to be built, and it is being constructed now when there is an election.”  Bermudez concluded with an initiative he wants to bring back, which is the Dashboard Program. “The program showed residents who was awarded city contracts, how much it cost them, and if the selected vendors were completing the projects on time. All of the tools we had implemented to create a transparent and ethical government have been eliminated. People are not happy with elected officials at every level of government, because they don’t respond and are not held accountable. This creates an atmosphere that reflects a lack of ethics and openness.”