TRENDING TOPIC FOR WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30TH: One of our “must-read” political reporters, Patricia Mazzei from the Miami Herald, provides an in-depth analysis of the GOP Primary. We leave you with her analysis below.

GOP PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS: Bernadette Pardo spoke with Miami Herald Reporter Patricia Mazzei about the presidential race on her show “Pedaleando con Bernie” on Radio Mambi 710AM.

Mazzei initially focused on Tuesday’s GOP town hall and how “at the beginning, the three candidates stated that they would support whoever won the republican nomination. However, throughout the campaign they have attacked each other so much that now they have said they are unsure who they would support should they not be the Republican nominee.” Mazzei continued, “Trump said he felt that the party has treated him badly, and because of that ‘mistreatment’, he was not going to support another Republican candidate. I am unsure what he is referencing he states he has been mistreated by the party. I think it has more to do with the other candidates than the party itself. At this point in the game, he is the only one who can honestly say he is not liked by any other candidates. It is also difficult for Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich to say that they will vote for Trump if he wins the nomination, and that adds fuel to his fire.” Pardo and Mazzei discussed how Trump has been one of the few people during this election cycle who has been given a free pass to say what he wants and not be held responsible for his words. Regarding the arrest of Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, for battery on a reporter, Mazzei explained, “in this case, we saw that a reporter tried to get closer to Mr. Trump to ask him a question. In the video we see that the campaign manager grabbed her arm so that she did not get any closer. And at the end of the day, Trump’s camp denied that they had ever touched the reporter and that was the problem. If there was an apology or had they say that it was a misunderstanding, it would have never gotten to this point. But the reporter was being called a liar, so she went to the police where they reviewed the video showing he had grabbed her arm. Under Florida law, no one is allowed to touch you against your consent.”  They concluded agreeing that under other circumstances the campaign manager would be dismissed, but that Trump was not going to dismiss Lewandowski.



Gary Fineout ‏@fineout  March 30
Gov. Scott has signed Dozier School bill sponsored by @EdNarain Sen. Joyner @SenChrisSmith @Alan4Florida & other Dems

Matt Dixon ‏@Mdixon55  March 30
Scott signs bill boosting pay for election officials http://politi.co/1SmMoab 

Mary Ellen Klas ‏@MaryEllenKlas  March 30
Gov. Rick Scott signs bill to rebury children who died at state-run reform school: @JeremySWallace Families of… http://bit.ly/1ZKZi7s 

Peter Schorsch ‏@SaintPetersblog  March 30
.@FLGovScott orders probes into Visit Florida, Space Florida via @ryanray_Flahttp://wp.me/pShRp-14Bk  #FlaPol #sayfie

Alex Leary ‏@learyreports  Mar 30
Adam Putnam, leading GOP candidate for Florida gov, ‘not real thrilled’ with Trump: http://bit.ly/1MBwAn9 

MORE ON PRESIDENTIAL RACE: On “Noticias del Mediodia” on Caracol 1260AMYoly Cuello also discussed the presidential race and the Democratic campaigns with Political Analyst Carlos Rajo.

Rajo initially focused on the important role super delegates play in the Democratic nomination and how the super delegates are giving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a clear advantage in the race for the Democratic ticket. “The only roadblock and issue that keeps coming up  for her campaign is the investigation into her emails and private server. It is in Hillary Clinton’s best interest to get the case over with soon so she can continue her campaign without the issue resurfacing.” Rajo continued, “in the Democratic Party, we see that Clinton has over 300 more super delegates than Senator Bernie Sanders. However, there are still plenty of important primaries left, like New York, Pennsylvania, and California, that have a lot of delegates and would make a difference in who can ultimately be the Democratic nominee. For Rajo, “it will be very difficult for Sanders to win those states and to come out with more delegates than Clinton.” He explained how “Democrats do it differently than Republicans who have more states that are winner take all. They win delegates based on what proportion of the vote they receive. Regardless of getting a higher number of delegates than Hillary, it will be very difficult for Sanders to convince super delegates to change their vote. For those who don’t know, super delegates are party leaders and high ranking members of the party, and they have already made their choice.” Rajo concluded stating he has “no doubts that Clinton will be the nominee for the Democratic Party, but as long as Sanders keeps winning primaries and holds the enthusiasm of the youth vote, he is someone to keep an eye on until the convention.”