TRENDING TOPIC FOR TUESDAY, MARCH 22ND: Before departing Cuba, President Obama met with dissidents in Cuba ending speculation on whether such a meeting would take place. We leave you with reaction to the meeting from one of the attendees, as well as reaction to the terrorist attacks in Brussels from local elected officials.

CUBAN DISSIDENTS MEETING: On “Pedaleando con Bernie” on Radio Mambi 710AMBerta Soler, Leader of the Ladies in White, talked with Bernadette Pardoabout the meeting between US officials and Cuban dissidents (read more here).

Pardo starting the interview asking Soler if there were still guards outside her door preventing her from leaving her home. Soler responded, “we are still under surveillance, but we can’t see them anymore. I was detained on Tuesday when I tried to leave with my husband. Over 36 Ladies in White were detained that day as well.” According to Soler, they were threatened and told they were not allowed to leave their homes, because the authorities were preventing civil disobedience. Soler stated that regardless of whether she got permission to leave her home, she was going to attend the meeting. “If I am not allowed to leave then they are going to have to detain me. It is my right to leave my home as I please.”

Regarding Raul Castro’s statement about not knowing who the political prisoners are and that he would set them free if a list was provided to him, Soler said, “I have many lists that we could give him. He is well aware that there are political prisoners, and he knows who those people are. All we want is to protect our human rights and our liberty.” When asked what she would like to say to President Obama should she meet with him, Soler said, “that this wasn’t the moment to come to Cuba. Nothing has changed when it comes to human rights. But now that he is here, I want him to urge the Cuban government to provide freedom to all its political prisoners. Barack Obama knows how bad police brutality is here, and there are hundreds of activists that were marching that were beaten the day he arrived. He is talking a lot about the economy, but has not mentioned the beatings that we have received.” Soler concluded, “it is very important to have a clear message for the Cuban people. Cuba needs to stop being quiet about the violations of basic human rights.”


Rep. Carlos Curbelo ‏@RepCurbelo  March 22
Today we stand in solidarity with the people of #Brussels. Another tragic reminder of the dangerous world in which we live #BrusselsAttacks

Carlos A. Gimenez ‏@MayorGimenez  March 22
Statement from @MiamiDadeCounty Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez on the tragic events in#Brussels http://ow.ly/ZNAM2 

Rebeca Sosa ‏@RebecaSosaMiami  March 22
I #prayforBrussels as they mourn the lives lost to terrorism. May peace be the victor in the midst of so much pain.

Comm Esteban Bovo ‏@CommBovo  Mar 22
We keep all those affected by the terror attack in Belgium in our prayers. Terror will never prevail.