TRENDING TOPICS THIS WEEKEND: President Obama’s visit to Cuba captured headlines in South Florida and across the country. We leave you with a column from renowned journalist Carlos Alberto Montaner and Diario las Americas editorial about the visit.

EL NUEVO HERALD: Obama en Cuba / Obama in Cuba

Cuban academic and journalist Carlos Alberto Montaner writes this weekend about President Obama’s visit to Cuba. While he recognizes the importance of the visit and praises the president for his commitment to speak about Human Rights while in Cuba, his overall analysis of the visit is certainly less optimistic. Montaner states, “in any case, I think Obama has misjudged the hornet’s nest that he has gotten into. He has unilaterally decreed the end of the Cold War with Cuba, although Cuba insists in providing military assistance to the North Koreans, helping terrorists in the Middle East, supporting the Syrian Bashar al-Assad and Iranian ayatollahs. Nor does it matter that Cuba directs the orchestra of XXI Century Socialist countries (Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua), all decidedly anti-American and determined to revive the battle that was left unfinished by the USSR.”

You can read Montaner’s column published on March 19, 2016 by clicking here: El Nuevo Herald

DIARIO LAS AMERICAS: Obama: vea la Cuba real / Obama: see the real Cuba

Diario las Americas editorial also focuses on President Obama’s visit to Cuba. They ask the president to make a real effort to see what is really going on and meet with Cubans who are strugling. Diario highlights the difficulty of this task, since neither Secretary of State John Kerry nor Pope Francis have been able to do so during their respective visits to the Island last year. The editorial concludes with a plea: “Mr. Obama it is in your hands to decide what Cuba you want to see. Whether it is the one that has been dressed up or the one that trusts in you because you repeat the word change. It would be great if you could get off your limousine and talk to the imprisoned dissident, with the Cuban who does not have enough to feed his family or with anyone who is trying to start a business. You choose, President Obama, what is the Cuba you want to see, but we invite you to see the real Cuba.”

You can read Diario las Américas’ editorial for March 19, 2016 by clicking here: Diario las Américas