TRENDING TOPIC FOR MONDAY, DECEMBER 7TH: Like we expected, reactions to and results of the Venezuelan elections dominated the coverage in South Florida media outlets yesterday. With 75% voter turnout, the latest reports continue to give the opposition a large lead with at least 110 seats in the Assembly, including three representatives of the indigenous community who plan to vote with the opposition, while President Maduro’s party has only 55 seats. The winners in two seats remain to be announced.

VENEZUELAN ELECTIONS: Congressman Carlos Curbelo was on “Noticias del Mediodia” with Yoly Cuello on Caracol 1260AM, discussing the elections and what the results can mean for the future of the region.

Congressman Curbelo said he was happy and celebrating. “Venezuela wanted change, and all of us who support Venezuela and support democracy, wanted change for them as well.” He said he had been “talking to the State Department about doing everything possible to make sure Maduro’s government recognizes the results and doesn’t change the outcome of this election.” The Congressman highlighted that once the results are recognized, “we can confirm that there is a new day for Venezuela and for the rest of Latin America.”

Bernadette Pardo talked about the elections with Horacio Medina, chairman of Venezuela’s opposition party in Miami, on her show “Pedaleando con Bernie” on Radio Mambi 710AM. “It was a very intense day yesterday, but we definitely feel great today, hopeful but aware that the task is just beginning. The reality is that in Venezuela we still have Maduro’s regime, he has lost power and his grip is weakened, but that can make him more dangerous since he definitely feels the end is near.” Medina explained they are aware that the changes will not be easy, “but we have the vote as an instrument to start building the road. Today, all Venezuelans are proud, we are all Latin Americans, who will continue the fight for democracy, which has no borders. Our struggle will be in Venezuela, but once we return to a strong democracy, we know it will have effects all over Latin America.” Medina concluded, “for the first time in 16 years there is a power that is not under the control of the regime. They have lost support and that gives us strength and encouragement, and makes us believe that democracy is possible.”


Ileana Ros-Lehtinen ‏@RosLehtinen  Dec 7
Despite #Maduro‘s intimidation tactics + control over media, the Venezuelan ppl roared their rejection at the polls http://ros-lehtinen.house.gov/press-release/ros-lehtinen-comments-legislative-elections-venezuela …

Carlos A. Gimenez ‏@MayorGimenez  Dec 7
Read my statement on the Venezuelan elections: http://ow.ly/2bwDpX 

Jose Pepe Diaz @CommishDiaz  Dec 7
After 17 years of socialist rule, the people of Venezuela will finally have a voice. This is a major victory http://hrld.us/1TvJfXt 

Comm Esteban Bovo ‏@CommBovo  Dec 7
Congratulations to Venezuelans for their commitment to democracy. The beginning of the end of the nightmare is at hand. #VenezuelaVoto2015

Rep. Jose Felix Diaz ‏@josefelixdiaz  Dec 7
Congrats to Venezuela. Felicidades a Venezuela. The people have spoken! FREEDOM is a beautiful thing #VenezuelaVoto2015

Carlos Lopez-Cantera ‏@LopezCantera  Dec 7
A historic day in Venezuela yesterday, deserves our congratulations.#VenezuelaElections