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EL NUEVO HERALD: ¿Hay que censurer a Trump? / Do we need to censure Trump?

Andres Oppenheimer has been writing for El Nuevo Herald on Latin America for at least two decades. During that time, his expert opinion and commentary have influenced leaders both in the US and Latin America. This weekend, however, Oppenheimer wrote an OpEd about Donald Trump and his appearance in SaturdayNight Live. His article focuses on the boycott demanded by Hispanic organizations due to Trump’s perceived anti-Hispanic bias. Oppenheimer believes that these groups’ tactics missed the mark. “Instead of asking SNL to cancel Trump’s appearance, Hispanic groups should have launched a campaign focusing their attacks on Trump’s racial intolerance, targeting SNL for giving him a benevolent platform, and their sponsors for supporting this program. Basically, challenge everything about Trump except requiring the cancellation of the show. Racism is not funny, but neither is censorship.”

You can read Andres Oppenheimer’s column published on November 8, 2015 by clicking here: Andres Oppenheimer

DIARIO LAS AMERICAS: El dilema democrático / The democratic dilemma

With elections approaching in Venezuela, Diario’s editorial discusses possible alternatives for the opposition to finally defeat the government at the ballot box. It hasn’t been easy to achieve this over the past electoral cycles, but Diario believes that with the economic situation swiftly deteriorating and polls showing massive discontent with the government, this time may be different. However, the challenge remains how to defeat a government in an election that is run by that same government. Diario’s editorial states that “the challenge is to break the dilemma, and for this, besides the broad rejection of the government and a broad popular support for the opposition as reflected in surveys, you need to resort to political creativity to make the electoral path feasible – with a minimum of conditions that will prevent twisting the popular will.”

You can read Diario las Américas’ editorial for November 7, 2015 by clicking here:Diario las Américas’ Editorial