TRENDING TOPIC FOR WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH: Dade Medical College continues to dominate the coverage on Spanish-language media, while the future of Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ stadium deal is still trending.

DADE MEDICAL COLLEGE DOWNFALL: State Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez was on “Contacto Directo” on Actualidad 1020AM and “Noticias del Mediodia” on Caracol 1260AM, discussing his proposed bill aimed at low-performing for-profit colleges, like Dade Medical College.

“What is happening with Dade Medical College is a crisis, but it is nothing new. I proposed legislation two years ago and again this year in order to solve the problem, but it was shut down. There is a lack of supervision of these for-profit entities, which are receiving public money and recruiting students without fulfilling basic expectations.” Rep. Rodriguez explained that his proposal was not to deal specifically with what is happening with Dade Medical College, but it could have prevented it. “The bill also involves other institutions. What happened with Dade Medical College is the most catastrophic thing that could have happened at one of these colleges.” Rodriguez stated, “the proposed bill has three essential components; first, student protection, institutions will be required to provide accurate information on credits and accreditation of programs offered. Second, we must use public funds as tools for more control, proposed rules would have cut off state financial aid funds to schools with federal student loan default rates above 30 percent for three consecutive years, or over 40 percent for a single year. Third, the organization that regulates for-profit colleges needs to make drastic changes in their obligations, to ensure there is protection for students, not only the institutions.”

When asked how he is helping Dade Medical students, Rep. Rodriguez said, he is “requesting information to see what we can do to help the over two thousand students immediately. I want to hear from them, to see what other needs they may have that we can help them with.” On both shows, Rodriguez gave out his number for those affected to reach out to him, and educate him on the crisis and what else they should request. “This is aside from the loan forgiveness, which I was informed it is something being considered by the Department of Education. I want to communicate with them and work with the different departments to see what else can be done.”

RADIO LISTENERS ON BECKHAM STADIUM: Martha Flores dedicated the first hour of her show “La Noche y Usted” on Radio Mambi 710AM, to discuss with her callers the Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ soccer stadium proposal in Miami. Flores explained she wanted to hear from her listeners, as she had done with City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and County Commissioner Xavier Suarez  before.

Those arguing against the deal seemed to be outraged by the fact that Miami-Dade County Public Schools “would be helping millionaires like Beckham to evade taxes.” On the other hand, those who were not actually against the idea of building the stadium with private funding stated that “this stadium (deal) will actually help the city’s economy and it might fall apart if we don’t provide them with the tax break. This type of deal has been done in Miami-Dade County and across the country, it is nothing new.” Although Flores tried to keep politics aside, many callers argued that elected officials who were either publicly backing or opposing the project had political reasons to do so.

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