TRENDING TOPIC FOR MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND: Today is Election Day in several municipalities in Miami-Dade County, including the cities of Miami, Miami Beach and Hialeah. If you are a resident of any of those cities, please take a minute to go and vote! Polls open at 0700. For information about polling sites, click here.

DADE MEDICAL COLLEGE CLOSES ITS DOORS: On “Contacto Directo” onActualidad 1020AM, State Senator Rene Garcia discussed with Roberto Rodriguez-Tejera the abrupt closure of Dade Medical College that left students and employees wondering about their futures (read more here).

Senator Garcia, who was senior vice president of governmental and community relations at Dade Medical College until some months ago, said that with the College closing its doors, “two thousand students and over four hundred employees were left hanging. I’m working to figure out how these students can complete their studies there, or transfer their credits to different colleges and finish their schooling.” Garcia explained, “what I understand is that the school was placed on a thirty-day review. There was a serious problem with cash flow and they did not have enough in reserve to keep the college open.” The senator stated he plans on meeting with different people in Tallahassee to resolve the issue, “we must find a solution to not leave them hanging.”

Robert Costa ‏@costareports  Nov 2
SCOOP: Trump to deal directly w/ networks, blowing up group GOP debate effort, with@daveweigel http://wapo.st/1NNfzDm 

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Here’s the GOP debate demand letter to vet moderators http://cnnmon.ie/1WtUNLk  via @DylanByers & @CNNMoney

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Trump threatens to boycott any upcoming GOP debate that includes Telemundo:http://wapo.st/1Pgh7aK 

Carlos Curbelo ‏@carloslcurbelo  Nov 2
It would be a mistake for @GOP to cancel @Telemundo debate. America’s Hispanic community deserves to hear from our candidates. cc @Reince

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New rule for #GOPDebate: Go easy on the Republicans. Don’t factcheck or bring up past comments/positions. Go easy…

CLAURE TWITTER CONTROVERSY: Most Spanish-language media outlets covered the Che Guevara tweet by Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO and David Beckham’s partner on the MLS stadium deal in Miami. Some of the outlets where callers had an opportunity to chime in included Radio Mambi 710AM “Pedaleando con Bernie”, as well as in “A esta hora con Almora” on WQBA 1140AM, and “Contacto Directo” on Actualidad 1020AM.

City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado discussed the issue on “Cada Tarde” with Carines Moncada and Agustin Acosta on Actualidad 1020. “Marcelo Claure went to Cuba on business representing Sprint. The picture he posted from Cuba of Che Guevara in Revolution Square was a problem for many. He apologized, deleted the photograph and said he did not intend to hurt any sensibilities,” Regalado stated. “I have talked to Marcelo Claure about many issues, not just soccer, including about Evo Morales, Rafael Correra, and Nicolas Maduro, as he does business throughout Latin America. He is a true capitalist and supports democracy. I know he has democratic beliefs. I don’t question his conviction, nor can we question that he goes to Cuba. Cubans are going there to do business, what moral do we have to tell a Bolivian he can’t do the same?”

Regalado also gave an interview to Univision, which aired a piece on “Noticias 23” discussing the community’s reaction. “This should not interrupt the process of negotiations for the stadium. What is very clear to anyone looking to do business in Miami, is that this is a sensitive community,” said Regalado. Miami-Dade County Commissioner Esteban Bovo, who responded to Claure’s tweet before it was deleted, stated, “although it is becoming trendy to go to Cuba and party in Cuba, we need to be aware that there is a reason why so many people come from Cuba and part of that is because of characters like Che Guevara, who was dedicated to killing Cubans.” Congressman Carlos Curbelo, who also responded to the controversial tweet, explained, “he (Claure) showed a lack of sensitivity. I sent him a message on twitter and I think he has rectified and apologized.”