TRENDING TOPIC FOR WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28TH: The third GOP debate… and CNBC. It’s hard to find agreement between Republicans and Democrats on many issues these days, but last night everyone agreed that the hosts of CNBC’s debate failed miserably at their task. They became the story and may have even turned viewers away due to their lack of control of the debate floor. We will have Spanish-language media’s reactions to the debate tomorrow; in the meantime, we leave you with twitter reactions below.

Reuters Politics ‏@ReutersPolitics  Oct 28
Tales from the Trail: Debaters attack media, save worst for @CNBC moderators at#GOPDebate. http://reut.rs/1MuuCEP NPR Politics ‏@nprpolitics  Oct 28
Final: Fiorina: 10:32 Rubio: 10:10 Kasich: 9:42 Trump: 9:26 Christie: 8:31 Huckabee:7:39 Cruz: 7:34 Carson: 7:02 Bush: 6:39 Paul: 6:15

GoogleTrends ‏@GoogleTrends  Oct 28
.@marcorubio was top searched candidate at tonight’s #GOPDebate on @Googlehttps://www.google.com/trends/story/US_cu_RM6mllABAACy2M_en 

Reince Priebus ‏‪@Reince Oct 28
In spite of the moderators, I’m proud of our team for standing up against the improper and unprofessional display put on by CNBC.

ABC News Politics ‏@ABCPolitics  Oct 28
CNBC responds to RNC criticism of moderators: “People who want to be President…should be able to answer tough questions.”

The Hill ‏@thehill  Oct 28
“Mitt Romney in 2016?” http://hill.cm/ZU9kkOy 

MIAMI-DADE TRANSIT UPDATE: Miami-Dade County Commissioner Esteban Bovo discussed transportation with Humberto Cortina on “Al ritmo de Miami” on Radio Mambi 710AM.

“All our elected officials are talking about transportation, at every level of government we hear discussion on transportation issues and how we can find solutions,” said Commissioner Bovo. When asked why it was taking so long to deal with the issue that is affecting so many people, Bovo explained, “all these transportation plans, like adding more buses or expanding the rail system to the west, always require studies and that causes a delay.” The commissioner also shared what he called good news for many “including those who are currently stuck in traffic on the 836. We began negotiations between the county, the governor’s office and the owners of the railway lines, CSX, to see if we can get the green light to use those lines for a system similar to the Metrorail.” Bovo clarified, “in this case it would be light rail instead. I am hopeful that this year we will be able to negotiate this arrangement to have a commuter rail as an alternative for those who live out west.”

Commissioner Bovo stated, “many of the solutions will help transit issues in the future. We want our residents to be able to go anywhere in the county without using their cars. The idea is to also have the input from private companies. We want them to get involved more, so they can also provide solutions. We also need to go beyond Miami-Dade, including Broward and Palm Beach Counties to achieve real connectivity.”

OBAMA-BOEHNER BUDGET DEAL: President Barack Obama and outgoing House Speaker John Boehner reached a budget deal that raised the debt limit and avoided a government shutdown later this year (read more here). Roberto Rodriguez-Tejeradiscussed the deal with Doctor Manrique Iriarte on “Contacto Directo” onActualidad 1020AM.

Iriarte explained some of the particulars of the deal and highlighted its importance. “This agreement between the Republican Congressional leadership and the White House is a great step forward for our country, and is definitely a political victory for the Obama administration.” Iriarte continued, “I think that they are finally understanding that to achieve anything related to policy with this Congress, they have to work really hard behind closed doors and not focus on a political campaign message like they have done in the past. That is likely how they came to an agreement.” He also quoted the Congressional Budget Office, which is nonpartisan, saying “this could bring around 500,000 additional jobs in the next two years, stimulating the confidence of business owners and consumers.” Iriarte concluded, “this deal is a victory for the country, not only a political success for the White House.”