TRENDING TOPIC FOR MONDAY, OCTOBER 26TH: Long-term solutions to South Florida’s transportation problems will require partnerships and assistance at all levels. That is why we hope that Congressman Carlos Curbelo’s transportation bill – approved last week in Committee  – will become a law soon, as it certainly is a step in the right direction. We leave you with his comments below.

CONGRESSIONAL UPDATE: Congressman Carlos Curbelo discussed with Bernadette Pardo the latest news from Congress on “Pedaleando con Bernie” on Radio Mambi 710AM.

Congressman Curbelo announced that the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved a bipartisan bill last Thursday, “to authorize and finance transportation projects over the next six years. For South Florida, this bill is important because it gives the state the ability to plan for the long term for the first time in seven years. Although the bill has not been enacted, having been approved by the committee means there is a good chance it will pass.” (Read more here).

Regarding the election for House Speaker later this week, the Congressman said the full House is expected to elect Paul Ryan as speaker on Thursday. “I think he (Ryan) did a great job handling a very difficult situation. He sought a way to unite all the different segments within the Republican party and made his demands.” Curbelo concluded, “what we will see now with Paul Ryan is less of an opposition party and more of a party that puts forth alternatives and ideas.”

GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES: On “Pedaleando con Bernie”, former State Representative JC Planas gave Pardo his take on former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s campaign as well as Senator Marco Rubio’s comments about voting in the US Senate.

“I think Jeb Bush is in the process of revitalizing his campaign. Jeb will be the likely nominee, because when you have the economic resources and organization he has, you have the perfect combination to win primaries and ultimately the nomination.” Planas explained that some people are still seeing stars and are not thinking about the actual presidency, which is why they support candidates like Donald Trump.

“When they seek substance, they will turn to Jeb Bush. Those who know him know he’s always thinking about how to improve things and make government more effective for the people. No other candidate has Jeb’s experience.” Regarding Marco Rubio, Planas explained that he is a smart man and has a bright future in the GOP, but “he needs to have more experience. As Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Marco was one of the speakers who passed the least amount of bills and during his short time as senator, he hasn’t proposed any bills and is the senator with the most absences. It was disappointing to hear Marco Rubio’s comments about the US Senate and that votes are not important. To the contrary, senators are very important in our democracy and they must be there always participating and voting when necessary. That is what they are elected to do, we choose them to represent us.”