TRENDING TOPICS THIS WEEKEND: Who could have foretold that soccer would end up being the topic du jour this weekend in South Florida? Everyone was surprised when the Miami-Dade County Public Schools announced last week their interest in owning a soccer stadium that would be built by David Beckham’s MLS franchise. Bernadette Pardo gives her opinion on this deal in an OpEd for El Nuevo Herald, while Diario las Americas discusses the latest attempt by the Castro brothers to find a way out of their financial and economic hardships.

EL NUEVO HERALD: Patéala como Beckham / Kick it like Beckham

Soccer. Fútbol. Football. South Florida Spanish-language media seemed to have nothing else to talk about since it was announced last week that a new deal for a potential MLS Stadium was in the works. Not everyone, however, seemed to be pleased or supportive of this new deal. Bernadette Pardo published an OpEd in El Nuevo Herald highlighting some of the potential issues with having the Miami-Dade County Public Schools become the owner of this stadium. In her OpEd, she states she “thinks there is something to lose in this deal, the discreet but important value of a sense of ethics. In the emergency meeting of the school board, School Board Member Dr. Marta Pérez wondered aloud whether it is ethical for a public entity like the school district of Miami-Dade, which is funded by local property taxes, to help a private entity to evade taxes.”

You can read Pardo’s column published on October 24, 2015 by clicking here: Bernadette Pardo

DIARIO LAS AMERICAS: El desespero de los Castros / The Castro brothers’ desperation

This weekend, Diario’s editorial takes a look at a surprising letter sent by Cuban dictator Raul Castro to the President of the Spanish Government. It is not a secret that Cuba’s economic situation remains dire, while the Cuban Government continues to prevent the establishment of a free economy in the Island. According to Diario’s editorial “Raul, in despair at the lack of progress in the so-called normalization of relations with the United States, has requested a pitiful aid from Spain, specifically from its president, Mariano Rajoy, to suggest that two of the most iconic Spanish corporations – SEAT and Rock – should set up corporate offices in the island.”

You can read Diario las Américas’ editorial for October 24, 2015 by clicking here:Diario las Américas’ Editorial