TRENDING TOPICS THIS WEEKEND: This weekend’s Diario las Americas editorial discusses the upcoming municipal elections in Miami Beach and a campaign issue that has taken center stage there. El Nuevo Herald published an OpEd by Bernadette Pardo regarding the 10-2 decision by the Miami-Dade County Commission to require Miami International Airport to regulate the quality of the plastic currently in use to wrap passenger bags by private vendors.

EL NUEVO HERALD: Las guerras del plástico / The plastic wars

Last week, the Miami-Dade County Commission voted on a controversial item related to the plastic wrapping contract currently in place at Miami International Airport (read more here). Bernadette Pardo discusses the Commission’s vote and its implications for the airport and the county’s policies and practices. Pardo starts by explaining the arguments put forth by both sides, however, in the end, she finds the Commission’s 10-2 vote troubling. “Perhaps the majority of the Commission voted to regulate the quality of the plastic of the “pirate companies” to protect consumers and Safe Wrap, or perhaps because Safe Wrap has contributed over $55,000 to the campaigns of certain commissioners in the past two years.”

You can read Pardo’s column published on October 10, 2015 by clicking here:Bernadette Pardo

DIARIO DE LAS AMERICAS: Miami Beach enciende los motores / Miami Beach starts its engines

Diario’s editorial this weekend focuses on the municipal elections in the city of MIami Beach. Three of the six commission seats are up for elections and all of them are open due to term limits. Diario’s editorial focuses on a campaign issue that surfaced almost two weeks ago: the rumor that the Mayor Phillip Levine’s campaign manager is lobbying to transform an property currently occupied by a senior center and apartments into a marina. According to Diario, “the candidate to the city council Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, said that ‘someone very close to Mayor Philip Levine is lobbying to replace the housing complex for low-income families at Rebecca Tower”’ and replace it with a luxury tower that would produce huge profits to various stakeholders.” Mayor Levine has denied these accusations. Diario’s editorial concludes, “this way, it is the elderly, the most vulnerable group in our community, the protagonists of a struggle between politicians that doesn’t seem to end, even though individuals are replaced every four or eight years.”

You can read Diario de las Américas’ editorial for October 9, 2015 by clicking here:Diario de las Américas’ Editorial