TRENDING TOPICS THIS WEEKEND: This weekend’s editorials discuss different topics. Diario de las America’s editorial focuses on the disparity between what they call two very different realities in Miami, while El Nuevo Herald published an OpEd by Carlos Alberto Montaner regarding President Obama’s misunderstanding of the Cuban situation and the Castro regime.

EL NUEVO HERALD: Obama no entiende por qué Raúl le muerde la mano / Obama doesn’t understand why Raul bites his hand

Carlos Alberto Montaner wrote an OpEd about the new diplomatic ties between the US and Cuba, focusing on the idea that President Obama doesn’t understand why Castro and his regime continue to follow the same rhetoric, including attacking the embargo, claiming Guantanamo Bay, and standing with the governments of Venezuela, Iran, Russia, etc. while ignoring the issues of human rights and democracy. “Obama does not understand that with the Castros there is no quid pro quo or the give and take. For the Castros, their socialist model (which they constantly repeat) is perfect, their “democracy” is the best on the planet, and dissidents and the “Ladies in White” asking for civil liberties are only employees of the US embassy invented by the media…” Montaner argues President Obama is disappointed because in contrast with the US presidents that had to deal with Cuba before him, “he thought the small island of Cuba had been the victim of the imperial arrogance of the United States, and could be reformed and standardized as soon this country offered a helping hand. Today he (Obama) is unable to understand why Raul bites instead of shaking. He does not know that the old Stalinists kill and die with always sharp and willing fangs. It is part of the revolutionary nature.”

You can read Montaner’s column published on October 3, 2015 by clicking here: Carlos Alberto Montaner

DIARIO DE LAS AMERICAS: Un triste contraste / A sad contrast

Diario’s editorial this weekend discusses the contrast we see in Miami between those with money and the very poor. The editorial cites a study that places Miami in sixth place among all cities in the world in the area of ​​the largest amount of wealth owned by individuals. As well as one that determines inequality in urban centers, that puts Miami in the third worst position in the country. “The glamour of the malls, celebrities, beaches and expensive cars is perhaps the most visible part of Miami, but is far from determining the true feel of the city. Unfortunately, it ends up generating a negative impact on the community, and in the end we get used to paying more for our homes, or our insurance than the national average.” Diario concludes, “our task is to makse sure Miami is more than an oasis of millionaires, more than fame and money. We must make it a city with a better quality of life for all, not just for a small group. Let’s promote everyone’s well-being.”

You can read Diario de las Américas’ editorial for October 3, 2015 by clicking here: Diario de las Américas’ Editorial