TRENDING TOPIC FOR TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND: Pope Francis coming to the US. However, Donald Trump and his relentless ability to capture the media’s attention comes in a strong second as a result of recent polls that continue to place him at the top of the GOP field. We leave you with analysis on both issues.

NEW POLL NUMBERS: On “Contacto Directo” with Roberto Rodriguez-Tejera on Actualidad 1020AM, Democratic Analyst Gustavo Marin and Alfredo Ortega, a Republican Analyst, discussed the latest GOP presidential polls.

Ortega started by explaining that, “people seem to want a candidate that is not a career politician. They don’t mind him or her not having political experience, thinking it will bring a new outlook. In the most recent polls, the first three candidates are not your average politician and Marco Rubio, who is fourth, many say they support him because he is a junior Senator and can also be considered more of an outsider and not part of the establishment.” For Ortega, Bush is the only candidate in the top five that is a recognized politician not only by his last name, but a person of the establishment. When asked by Rodriguez-Tejera who should withdraw as GOP presidential candidate, Ortega said that “after the first six in the polls, Trump, Fiorina, Carson, Rubio, Bush and Cruz, the other candidates should abandon their bids. Although they are good candidates, they will not be able to make it.”

Marin agreed that there is a trend that favors the political outsiders and that many candidates should follow Scott Walker’s lead and drop out of the race. Regarding the anti-establishment candidates, Marin argued, “every day, their campaigns’ vulnerabilities are more and more noticeable. They are not politicians and that could damage their candidacy in the long run. We are already seeing Trump going down, in recent days we have been hearing atrocities from Carson, including the comment regarding Muslims not being able to be president of the US. And a number of issues around Fiorina are gradually being revealed, the same problems that made her lose her bid for senator in California.” Marin concluded, “much of what she says is not accurate.”

POPE FRANCIS VISITS THE US: Many local media outlets have been criticizing the Pope’s visit, especially as it relates to his apparent meddling on political issues.Bernadette Pardo discussed the Pope’s arrival and his plans in the United States with Univision Reporter Fernando Pizarro on “Pedaleando con Bernie” on Radio Mambi 710AM.

“The Pope’s visit is being politicized by people on both sides of the political spectrum. Many have been saying he is not doing enough. There is an expectation that he will talk about immigration issues in his speech to Congress, which some Republicans are upset about. And also the possibility of him not talking about important issues for conservatives like abortion,” said Pizarro. He also discussed the security measures taken by the secret service to receive the Pope and how it would bring a lot of traffic to the cities Pope Francis is visiting. “We will have roadway closures everywhere, the inner and downtown areas of these cities will be impossible to access. Many will have to walk to be able to get close to the Pope. As far as security goes, it is one of the largest arrangements we have ever seen.”

COMMISSIONER BOVO ON THE MPO: Miami-Dade County Commissioner Esteban Bovo was on “Al ritmo de Miami” on Radio Mambi discussing the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and other transportation issues withHumberto Cortina.

Commissioner Bovo explained that “the MPO is comprised of the 13 County Commissioners plus 12 other elected officials, including mayors. We make decisions collectively regarding which projects are more important and what investments to make” (read more about the MPO’s governance here). Bovo stated that part of his frustration are the studies needed to determine feasibility before each project can even be considered. “While the studies take a long time, other areas become priorities, so we don’t end up resolving anything. I have colleagues that have complained several times because they do not get the funding needed for their proposals. So the political aspect delays the process.” He argued that Miami will always have traffic just like New York, Chicago and Washington D.C., “the only difference is that all of these cities have a transportation alternative that we do not have.” Commissioner Bovo concluded, “you have to pick one (transportation project) and complete it, so that people see something is being done. After that one is completed we move forward with the next and so on.”