TRENDING TOPICS THIS WEEKEND: This weekend’s El Nuevo Herald opinion piece by Andres Oppenheimer discusses the upcoming visit of the Pope to the US and his recent attacks on capitalism, while Diario de las Americas editorial focuses on the improving relations between Cuba and the US on the baseball field.

EL NUEVO HERALD: El Papa y el Capitalismo / The Pope and Capitalism

As the Pope gets ready to leave Cuba and travel to the U.S., Andres Oppenheimer writes an interesting piece on the Pope and his recent criticismsof capitalism for El Nuevo Herald. In his column, Oppenheimer highlights some of the Pope’s comments, particularly during his visit to Bolivia, attacking capitalism, and shares the views of some of his defenders. According to Oppenheimer, “one of the key questions about Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States is whether he will respond to his critics for his statements against unbridled capitalism, as well as refute their claims that assert that the Pope has a weakness for left-wing autocrats.”

You can read Oppenheimer’s column published on September 19, 2015 by clicking here: Andres Oppenheimer

DIARIO DE LAS AMERICAS: El béisbol dio un paso / Baseball’s step forward

Tackling another issue surrounding the normalization of relations between Cuba and the US, Diario’s editorial this weekend talks about baseball. A few days ago, Major League Baseball authorized the Caribbean Baseball Confederation to hire cuban baseball players for next year’s league. Diario brings up the fact that over the past decades, anytime a Cuban athlete went abroad to play professionally, the Cuban government ended up benefiting from the salaries and the players saw very little, if any, income from their work. “But it is also time for those athletes to be able to benefit from the large salaries offered by baseball organizations and that the Cuban government does not rob them of most of their income.”

You can read Diario de las Américas’ editorial for September 20, 2015 by clicking here: Diario de las Américas’ Editorial

CHELSEA – AND MOURINHO – DO IT AGAIN – Spectacular! That’s all we can say about this weekend’s Chelsea performance. We know there are a few die-hard Arsenal fans among our readers, but the complete and utter debacle of the gunners Saturday will be remembered for a long time. We agree with Chelsea’s boss, Jose Mourinho, who stated that Diego Costa was the “man of the match.” And while we rejoice in this great victory for Chelsea, we must also report that our own Villains fell, yet again, this past Saturday. This time against West Brom. There’s no respite for the weary in the English Premiere League these days, it seems.