TRENDING TOPIC FOR THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH: Today is September 11th. A moment of silence will be observed at 08:46 this morning, while flags across our nation will fly at half-staff in honor of Patriot Day. We ask our readers to please join in the moment of silence and reflection at that time, as we pay tribute to the lives lost that day.

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY UPDATE: Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez discussed different County topics with Humberto Cortina on “Al Ritmo de Miami” on Radio Mambi 7100AM.

TRANSPORTATION – Mayor Gimenez explained, “most people use their car in Miami, at least for now while we work on improving public transportation, so our immediate goal is to increase road capacity and synchronize the traffic lights. We are going to start with the ten main commuting routes. We want to improve the lives of our residents now.”

Gimenez also talked about the second phase that focuses on improving public transportation, giving access to more people, and providing more options. “Commissioner Bovo has worked really hard seeking all possible alternatives, including using the railroad tracks that already exist. We are also working on ideas to address the issue with the last and first mile. Bus rapid transit is a good choice, it is fast and it solves the main issue, but we always fall into the problem of the last mile. Near Downtown, we have that basically covered with the Metromover and other services like Miami’s trolley system.”

COUNTY BUDGET –  Mayor Gimenez stated, “the most important part for me is that we are not raising taxes, the millage rate will remain the same. When I became mayor, we made the largest tax cut in the history of Miami-Dade and with all the sacrifices we made, we are starting to improve now. We are restoring some services, expanding library hours and ensuring that all positions in the police department are filled, which means that next year we will have more police classes and more police officers on the streets of Miami-Dade. We will also meet the requirements of the Department of Justice with correctional officers, as well as continuing with our Water and Sewer project that is vital for the growth of our County.”

Mayor Gimenez gave examples of reactions to the county budget. He mentioned the first public meeting regarding the budget, “they normally run very late into the night listening to the public’s comments, however this time hardly anyone came to object to the budget – on the contrary, we received positive feedback.” Mayor Gimenez said people come up to him often and provide positive feedback about “what they see in the budget, more cultural programs, programs for the elderly and our youth, more police and correctional officers, the expansion of transit and public transportation.” He concluded, “for Thursday’s meeting next week, we expect some commentary on the budget, but people generally have congratulated me when they see me in the streets, the people I have talked to feel positive about our budget and the future of our community.”

ABC News Politics ‏@ABCPolitics  10 Sep
Trump calls Ben Carson an “OK doctor” who “makes [Jeb] Bush look like the energizer bunny.” http://abcn.ws/1O3fYnC 

D Wasserman Schultz ‏@DWStweets  10 Sep
Donald Trump: Instead of talking about Carly Fiorina’s looks, talk about her policies & her record. That’s what campaigns are for.

Jake Tapper ‏@jaketapper  10 Sep
.@JebBush on @realDonaldTrump: You can’t insult your way to the White House #BushOnCNN http://cnn.it/1EZeXKg 

León Krauze ‏@Leon_Krauze  10 Sep
When non-Trump politicians try to be funny and biting, everyone loses except Trump: via @slate

CNN Politics ‏@CNNPolitics  10 Sep
.@BernieSanders says @realDonaldTrump‘s immigration remarks were objectionable and racist http://cnn.it/1JYl3aF 

TRUMP KEEPS GAINING POPULARITY: Consultant Jorge Luis Lopez, a Marco Rubio supporter, and Democratic Pollster Fernand Amandi, discussed the recent poll that has Trump at 32% (see it here) on “Pedaleando con Bernie” on Radio Mambi 710AM.

Lopez explained that as Republicans they focus on the aspect of the recent poll that shows “in hypothetical races against Hillary Clinton many of the Republican candidates are beating her. When it comes to Trump, we have seen that he has stayed up in the polls by talking about issues the conservative base wants to hear. However, we are approaching the second stage with the second debate on Wednesday the 16th, and like I have said before, this is an elimination more than a nomination.”

On the other hand, Amandi admitted that Hillary Clinton has lost a lot of support due to the investigation surrounding her e-mail server. “She was polling in the sixties and is now in the low forties. We can’t deny this has harmed her a great deal. I think this is what has fueled talks that Vice President Biden should run for the democratic ticket. He is positioning himself to launch a campaign if the Hillary email situation gets out of hand.” Regarding Trump’s continued popularity, Amandi stated, “the Trump phenomenon is massive, it is not only affecting the Republican candidates, even the Democratic ones are out of the news.” He continued, “the coverage is so big, he is getting so much attention and the focus is always on him, even the Democrats don’t have the ability to take his spotlight from him. And there are lots of other important news that no one is talking about because Trump has control.”