TRENDING TOPIC FOR WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH: South Florida Hispanic media focused on the Iran Deal, with several members of South Florida’s Congressional delegation taking sides on the issue.

IRAN DEAL, GOP CRITICISM & CLINTON’S EMAILS: Jose Alfonso Almora discussed the latest political news with Democratic Consultant Freddy Balsera on “A esta hora con Almora” on WQBA 1140AM. Almora mentioned former Secretary of State Colin Powell announcing his support for the Obama Administration’s nuclear deal with Iran, Balsera explained “there is worldwide support for the Iran deal. Except for Israel, the agreement has been accepted and most people think that at a minimum this allows certain inspections and restrictions on Iran that couldn’t be imposed before.”

Balsera also discussed the criticism the Iran deal and other Obama initiatives constantly receive from Republican elected officials and now the presidential candidates. “Republicans are great at criticizing, but they never talk about how they would solve any of the issues they are constantly going against. Donald Trump is the perfect example of this. With Obamacare, all they have done is attack the program and talk about how bad it is, but no one has an alternative plan.” Balsera continued, “the Democrats’ ideas and proposals are not perfect, but at least we do something to move forward. The Republicans are not doing anything concrete.”

Almora asked Balsera about Hillary Clinton offering an apology for using a private email server while she was Secretary of State and admitting it was a mistake (read more here). Balsera said it was the right move and “it was time for her to talk about the emails. I always tell my clients regarding crisis communications, the first thing you should do is recognize the problem and admit guilt if there is any, that closes the issue. But if you try to defend yourself over and over again, you just give the critics fuel to continue looking for ways to bury you.”

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen ‏@RosLehtinen  9 Sep
At @HouseForeign hearing, former military leaders testify on how the #Iran nuke deal threatens US nat’l security.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo ‏@RepCurbelo  9 Sep
.@WhiteHouse and @StateDept have to come clean with the entire #IranDeal including the secret side deals as required by the law.

CNN Politics ‏@CNNPolitics  9 Sep
.@realDonaldTrump and @tedcruz thump the #IranDeal at a Capitol Hill rally http://cnn.it/1JUaJ3l 

Marc Caputo ‏@MarcACaputo  9 Sep
In letter to Mitch McConnell, FL Lt. Gov & Sen. candidate @LopezCantera writes: kill Obama’s Iran deal http://politi.co/1EVO2iq 

Patricia Mazzei ‏@PatriciaMazzei  9 Sep
Conservative group launches digital ads against Debbie Wasserman Schultz over Iran deal support http://hrld.us/1OdiDdm 

MDX CHAIR ON TOLLS: Roberto Rodriguez-Tejera discussed tolls with Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) Chair Louis Martinez on “Prohibido Callarse” on Mira TV. Martinez explained why MDX’s tolls are fair. “Before we adjusted the toll amounts, only 45% percent of the people using our highways were covering the cost, now it is divided equally among all drivers. MDX is being criticized by those who are paying their share for the first time.” Martinez also discussed the Cash Back program and how those drivers who qualify will receive a rebate. “This year we had a surplus of around $3 million, if we used that money to reduce tolls it would only save drivers half a cent. Basically, it would not have been a significant change. More than 80,000 people enrolled in the Cash Back program and those who qualify can receive up to between 100 and 150 dollars.”