TRENDING TOPICS THIS WEEKEND: This weekend’s columns and editorials in Spanish-language newspapers addressed the killing of two journalists in Virginia. Both Diario de las Americas’ editorial and Bernadette Pardo’s column in El Nuevo Herald discuss how the second amendment right to bear arms needs to be reconsidered to avoid future acts of violence like the ones witnessed by thousands this past week.

EL NUEVO HERALD: La muerte en vivo / Death live

Bernadette Pardo analyzes the series of shootings that have shaken the nation over the past few years, more recently last week in Virginia. Pardo argues that our second amendment rights need to be respected, but that something has to be done to prevent incidents, like the one witnessed live last week, from happening again. She does not argue for restricting sales, “but simply to demand, as consumers, that the manufacturers of weapons implement the same security measures that other industries have implemented.” With greater technology, the ability of manufacturers to help make weapons safer should be a priority.

You can read Pardo’s column published on August 30, 2015 by clicking here:Bernadette Pardo

DIARIO DE LAS AMERICAS: Otra vez las armas / Weapons again

While Diario’s editorial this weekend tackles the same issue – the killing of two journalists in Virginia – it focuses on how people with mental illnesses can purchase weapons. Beyond the debate on the constitutionally recognized right to gun ownership, Diario’s editorial states it is a fact that the latest and most shocking acts of violence in the United States have been committed by people with proven mental problems. “It is, therefore, almost undeniable that the current controls for purchases of arms have not proven effective in preventing people suffering from mental illness and in need of psychological or psychiatric care to acquire firearms.”

You can read Diario de las Américas’ editorial for August 30, 2015 by clicking here:Diario de las Américas’ Editorial

STRONG START – European football is back in full swing (Thank you, Lord!) and what a weekend we just had. First, we must congratulate all the Inter Milan fans: two games, two victories and the arrival of Jovetic has electrified the Meazza! Barcelona, the current Spanish and European Champions, also won, although barely. In Madrid, meanwhile, Real had their way with Betis, winning convingcingly and regaling us with a fabulous goal by James Rodriguez. Lastly, for the EPL followers amongst our readers, Mourinho’s Chelsea lost again. I am sure there will be many readers rejoicing at the “great one’s” defeat, however, let us remind everyone that the season just started and there is still plenty of games ahead (listen up, Man City fans – this is addressed at you!).