TRENDING TOPIC FOR THURSDAY,  MAY 7THIt’s finally Friday! After a long week of blaming each other and receiving criticism from the public and Spanish media outlets in South Florida, our state lawmakers agreed to return to Tallahassee for a special session from June 1-20 to pass the state budget. Some of them, along with other elected officials, keep doing the rounds of Spanish radio and TV  outlets about the effects of adjourning early and what will happen now.

Yoly Cuello interviewed Commissioner Bruno Barreiro on “Noticias del Mediodia” on Radio Caracol 1260 AM. The Commissioner said that he expects the legislature to finish the debate during special session. “I’m hopeful that they will get it done and we will have the new budget by July 1st.

Commissioner Barreiro also talked about the employees of Miami-Dade County’s Parking Management Office who were stealing money. “We were outraged and did not expect this in our County. Thankfully there were some red flags that prompted the investigations and we were able to solve the crime.” He explained that the money that was stolen comes from taxpayers, “they were technically stealing from all of us.”

On “Al ritmo de Miami” on Radio Mambi 710AM, Humberto Cortina had Commissioner Esteban Bovo discussing the crisis in Tallahassee and traffic in Miami-Dade County. Commissioner Bovo said “part of what I don’t like from the situation there, is the perception that the House, Senate and governor’s office is dominated by republicans. This means that in the public’s eyes, the party may be to blame.” He also explained that by adjourning early the House of Representatives gave ample time and an excuse to be criticized by the state senate, media and public.” “I thought the governor would have more influence, but I hope they take it seriously June 1st.

As Chairman of the Board’s Transportation and Mobility Committee, he was also concerned that there was no positive movement in favor of addressing the traffic issues in Miami-Dade due to the early adjournment. “I  think our constituents are beginning to feel distrust, we have been breaking promises and that will affect us in the future.” “We don’t have the funds to do all that we want to do. The option of getting it from tourism might not be there anymore, or get funds from MDX or MPO.”

SPECIAL TREAT: House Representative Manny Diaz, Jr. was on with Rick Sanchez on Mira TVdiscussing the problems with our healthcare system. “The biggest issue is people going to hospitals for ailments that should be treated by primary care facilities. The cost for service in Hospitals is excessive.” Rep. Diaz is part of the Health Innovations Subcommittee and explained that they have tried to pass different laws to address current healthcare issues in Florida. “Hospitals are always trying to see how they can get more money from us. If you have private health insurance they charge one thing. Medicaid, a different number, so they can get the most out of the government, and if you are paying with cash then you get a different rate. Who else does that? Can you imagine going to get a new car and it costing more or less depending on how you get the funds to pay for it?”