TRENDING TOPIC FOR THURSDAY, AUGUST 3RD: Happy Friday! We leave you with an update from Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Director Lester Sola.

MIAMI-DADE WATER AND SEWER: Roberto Rodriguez-Tejera and Juan Camilo Gomez spoke with the Director of the Miami-Dade County Department of Water and Sewer, Lester Sola on “Contacto Directo” on Actualidad 1040 AM.

Rodriguez-Tejera started the interview by addressing issues with a pipe that leads to the bay, which has a leak of semi-treated water that could potentially contaminate the beach. Sola said, “I am not satisfied with some of the steps the department had taken. However, all of the tests that have been done on the water, the beach and around the area where that water is being drained have come back clean. There are no risks.” He continued, “the department received information from a fisherman and decided to conduct an inspection based on vague information and little details. The standard procedure would have been to go to the location and first observe superficially to see if anything was coming out of that area. I also instructed them to investigate 17 feet below the water and that was not carried out. When it got to my office some time last year we checked the water coming out of that pipe, as well as two other pipes that lead into the ocean. The department was absolutely taking steps, but we didn’t know where the leak was until we got the video that we saw this week.” Regarding the next steps to solve this issue, Sola explained, “as soon as we received the information of where the leak was, we made an emergency contact to fix this issue, which should be resolved today or tomorrow.” When asked how it was possible that a year ago the leak wasn’t visually discovered like it was this week, Sola responded, “because that pipe is not under pressure, nor is the water flowing out due to pumps pushing it out. This made it more difficult to identify the leak and where it was, because it is under water and the sand could have more than likely covered it up. But now, like I mentioned, we know exactly where the leak is and we have been able to take the steps to resolve the problem.” Rodriguez-Tejera asked if this means that protocols are going to change because they were not able to locate the leak upon their first inspection. Sola confirmed that this was going to happen and that it was necessary to make sure that a leak like this one didn’t happen again. He concluded, “we are completely dedicated and committed to protecting the environment.”


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